Not Audience 4 / Sale – August 29, 2021

On August 23, Glassier Oil and Gas President Stephen Ratcliffe told Petroleum News that the Badami oil field would no longer be sold.

The Northeast slope is operated by Savan Alaska, a glacier.

In November, Badami was put up for sale with BMO Capital Markets Energy Group, but was canceled a few months later.

The next place Badam was listed under Gatzzly on That website disappeared at least two months ago.

Is there a source for PN in his “humble comment”? Is it necessary to ski? When you sell in the worst market, you sell badminton. Oil can now cost as much as $ 100 a year. ??

Badmi can produce 38,500 barrels a day, a pipeline, an airport and several other destinations as a hub for the area.

Badami has a problem with BP

BP brought badmi oil to production in August 1998. It was originally in the “pearl string”, ?? Or a new line of undiscovered oil on the northern slope of Alaska from the Trans-Alaska pipeline to Peruho Bay to Pump Station 1 to the ANR 1002 border, a total of 70 miles.

From the beginning, the complex geology of the Badami sand reservoir – divided into many, unique sand particles – became a challenge for the Badami section.

At the beginning of the field life, oil production was declining sharply and BP on several occasions stopped production, one suspension lasting two years. A ground block allowed the reservoir to fill the reservoir pressure as the groundwater slowly moved between different parts of the sand.

In August 2007, production decreased to 876 barrels per day.

Badami was a disappointment to BP, which built a 38,500 barrel capacity processing plant per day.

A.D. In mid-2008, BP brought Savanti as a partner and operator, and eventually sold it to a small, independent company.

While Savantant has been more successful in oil production than bad sand (due to a fall in oil prices in 2020), the company is looking for new oil sources outside the Badam participant area.

Savant’s first discovery It was with 1-18 wells in early 2010, followed by the Starfish Hope B1-07, which was later excavated as part of the Savant Snow Glacier. Both discoveries were in the shallow Cretaceous Killian Sand, in the Brooke gap, although in the Red Wolf Hope B1-38 also had oil in the deep Kekiktuk formation, which holds oil reserves for the endocrine field on the west side.

As a result of these successes and good work, Savan has been able to maintain a relatively stable oil production. In May, there was an average of 1,143 barrels per day.

E. North slope hot spot

And if the company can keep it, the Northeast Valley looks promising for the future.

Annie is reportedly planning an East Slope exploration project on an undeveloped acre of 350,000 acres.

A.D. When he bought his farm from Kelus in 2018, he said he planned to apply his business model and experience. Including fast speed search ?? And ?? Short time for marketing ?? For new discoveries. ??

An acre of 124 state leases in two blocks is relatively undeveloped and close to Badami.

Bill Armstrong’s company, Lagniape Alaska, and its 50-50 oil exploration partner will occupy 275,000 acres[275,000 ha]south of Badami, which is expected to be drilled in the next year or two.

This alone will increase the cost of the audience, especially if they get what they expect. So far, their record for oil on the northern slope has been excellent.

But a potential merger between oil exploration and Santos could delay things.

Still a few months ago, Armstrong Petroleum News reported in a series of articles that he was very excited about our “Lagnipe game” ?? We take our lessons from the Picca / Horse Shoe / Mitkuk / Stroup game (all significant discoveries) from West to Prado Bay.

Game concept ?? It’s very similar. Lots of zones, beach, good gravity oil, reasonably close to infrastructure, ?? he said.

Targeted targets are a little less than we have in Picca and others but with better water retention characteristics – tolerance and transmission – even if they are a little deeper, ?? There is Armstrong.

There were very few wells dug in the area of ​​Lagnipe, he continued, and the few wells dug did not follow our zones. However, almost all wells had good oil and gas displays. We are using 3D earthquakes. Because of the great success of our West, we know what we want. ??

Armstrong Lagnipe and her partner are following hidden traps, but now that we know what they look like, they are separated by a 3D earthquake. Real big targets.

In addition, all Lagniappe acreage is on government lease, he mentioned more than once.

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