Norwegian reservoirs power plants in the UK with 724 km cable

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A Norwegian fjord

North Sea link

This summer, for the sake of renewable and renewable energy supply, Norwegian reservoirs will begin to illuminate homes in the UK today.

The 724-kilometer North Sea Corridor is the sixth growing power network between Great Britain and Europe to adapt to changing grids that are heavily dependent on wind, solar and hydro output.

Tested in early June, the North Bahir Dar copper cable will run at half capacity for three months before reaching 1,400 megawatts, enough to power 1.4 million homes.

Energy is initially expected to flow from hydropower-producing Norway to higher Britain, where electricity prices are expected to rise. The link will eventually be released for storage in hydro-powered hydropower facilities in Norway, for the export of electricity from offshore winds, for lifting water when needed and for generating electricity.

Beginning of business operations This summer, Britain’s narrow supply of electricity will be cut by half of the capacity of France. “It can’t come at a better time,” says Tom Edwards, energy analyst Cornell Insight.

However, the new link “does not significantly change the dial on high electricity prices” says the UK is experiencing high gas prices.

The Internet, a joint venture with the British National Grid and the Norwegian Statistics Network, is a 2.3-kilometer-a-cave tunnel engineering facility. But he is far from alone. New through Channel Cave in early 2022, one in Denmark in 2023 and 2024 in Germany, and so on.

For the time being, the UK is a net importer of one-tenth of the country’s electricity supply. However, Edwards expects the country to be a net exporter by 2025, with rapid wind turbulence and narrowing the gap between electricity prices and its neighbors.

“We have the best wind resources, Southern Europe has the best solar resources, Norway is the best place for hydroelectricity,” says Edwards. “The more we meet, the more we share these things and everyone can be green. We hope that it will benefit everyone if we plan accordingly. ”

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