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Manchester’s most iconic sports and cultural icons have been recognized at the Champions League gala at the City Stock Exchange.

The Gala City Dinner is an annual event hosted by the Diane Modal Sports Foundation to thank locals for their support in the fields of sports, education and business, and in particular the next generation of champions.

A.D. Returning to the Manchester Competition Events after the 2020 break, the event once hosted two of the city’s most influential and successful sports and business stars at the City Hall of Fame. Earlier, inspectors included English boxing legend Ricky Haton and former British women’s soccer captain Stephanie Houton.

Former Manchester United and English footballer Gary Neville was one of two people who entered the Champions League Hall of Fame. Gary and his 92-year-old team have invested heavily in sports and hobbies in Manchester, to inspire great men of all ages and backgrounds to succeed in Salford City FC and Foundation 92.

Dr. Marilyn Comerie is an award-winning social entrepreneur, creator of green technology, ambassador to STEM and the founder of the Black United Network (BURN), a non-profit organization dedicated to resolving racial differences in Manchester. Dr. Marilyn has a reputation for being a leader in change, influencing, and transforming.

The Champions B City Inspiration Award was founded by British singer Bugzi Malon, the first grammar artist from Manchester to achieve business in Britain, recognizing the unsung heroes who influenced or contributed to the development of the art of expression. Last year’s award went on to inspire new performers, including Michael Flaley, the master of dance, and former world champion dancer James Kegen. This year’s B Inspirational Award was presented to the Manchester Rapper Aich, his only breakthrough was “Straight Remedy” which attracted the attention of London-based singer Stormzy, who received over 24 million views online. Aich appeared at the event, and former British and WBA Super Bantam weight champion Scott Kugg received the award last night.


Three of the five trainees – Ethan Golding, Kona Trevelian and Adam Proctor

Five young people from the North West are celebrating after working with Apps and earning some high marks in the UK. All the expected differences and awards for their success will be heading to London for the new James Bond Film Premier.

According to the “Star” group, each of them has been awarded a permanent contract with Aptes, which will install the necessary infrastructure for water, gas and electricity for residential and commercial development. Clients include national national staff and regional developers of all sizes.

The award-winning two-year training program was designed in 2015 by Bolton-based Aptes to address a serious shortage of skills in the construction industry. Combined on-the-job training and classroom education in post-secondary college utility training will result in nationally recognized qualifications.

Newcomer Connah Trevelyan (18) says: “I’m really screaming. All the hard work I did was worth it. Learning and earnings are great when you go. I enjoyed learning new things not only about work but also about life. It is difficult at first, but it is worth sticking to. ”

“Our sector is experiencing a severe shortage of skills, so we decided to address this issue head-on,” said Lisa Carford, managing director of Apts. Basically, we are developing our own talents. We are great believers in educational training and have so far trained more than 40 young people in various courses. They went on to enjoy careers as project managers, estimates, health and safety consultants, design engineers, electrical competitors, gas engineers, warehouse operators and business managers. It is exciting to see professionals who have excelled in previous years now grow and assist newcomers in our recent reception.


Planet Mark Zero Carbon, a fully electric “battle bus” is heading to the Flower Pavelion Theater, New Brighton, this Friday, October 1, to provide practical zero zero advice to businesses in the city.

This major free event celebrates local efforts to create green and equitable communities in the Liverpool Liverpool City area and explores ways for everyone to make a difference in climate change.

Hosted by the Liverpool Liverpool City City Environmental Enterprise Partnership (LEP), businesses will have the opportunity to hear why pure zero carbon is so important and what SMEs are playing to achieve the North West’s ambitions. To become the UK’s first carbon neutral region.

Speakers on the day included the City of Agriculture, the Furniture Poverty and the FRR Group, the Zero Carbon Research Institute and Energy Projects Plus, among others.

LEP Managing Director Mark Basnett said, “As part of COP26, we are thrilled to support the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour – from small business innovations to basic community projects, all of which have a role to play in cutting our carbon offsets. Releases. Here in the Liverpool Liverpool L City area we are well positioned to have a positive impact on our environment and I am delighted to be able to attend many of our local businesses to share ideas and achieve greener and more sustainable solutions. Net zero. These businesses are already on a zero-zero journey and I encourage businesses to get involved in Floral Pavilion to hear what is happening in the area to reduce carbon emissions and improve lives.


Will Roberts

A local financial expert has launched a campaign to raise funds for the Hive Youth Zone.

Will Roberts, director of investment at the Liverpool Liverpool Ratbon brothers, joined The Hive earlier this year after visiting the award-winning center. The cross-country charity, located in the heart of Berkennek, provides activities and experiences for young people beyond Wirral: 84% of the members live outside Berkeley and Tranmer.

Since its opening in 2017, the Youth Zone has received more than half a million visits from eight- to 19-year-old members (up to 25 years for young people with disabilities) to improve aspirations, health and well-being, improve opportunities and self-confidence, and in fact thousands of young self-esteem.

Wirral said he “breathed a sigh of relief” when he learned of the importance of the charity’s work and special services. – A center built in Birmingham.

Will, with the support of a fundraising team at The Hive, launched a revolutionary campaign called “Hive 100”, designed to help 100 local organizations and businesses work together, participate and contribute just £ 1,000 each. They have reached their £ 100,000 target. He said, “I was literally going through the hive when I went to work. Like many people, I thought the center was a youth club and had no idea what the group was doing. I had a young daughter, and I knew I had to help some of the young ones who were supporting the hive.


First Aid RVA Mental Health

Denton-based Business Reduction Specialists, RVA surveyors, have launched a new drive to protect the mental health of their employees by investing in four Home Mental Health First Aid teams to support workplace safety. The training initiative is a key part of RVAs’ new mental health strategy, with the business committed to increasing staff mental health support and empowering the growing team to work.

The training will enable the business to raise awareness of mental health, help the team understand and manage safety, and promote a healthy workplace.

The initiative is supported by the Employee Support Program, a provider of the UK’s BACP, the only recognized counseling and psychological support program (EAP). With a network of 1,650 counselors and psychologists, RVA Surveyors can provide staff with 24/7 confidential helpline, online security access and app access.

The move follows the announcement by RVA surveyors that it plans to triple its workforce over the next 12 months with the appointment of office-based and field staff.

Anthony Hughes, Managing Director, said: “I am proud to say that RVA surveyors have always developed a culture of mutual respect, mutual respect and support, especially in the face of challenges over the past 18 months. . However, mental health is not something we can or should not take for granted. As we continue to grow our business, we will develop a new mental health strategy to ensure that we focus on the safety of our team, including those we see regularly in business and those we see frequently due to distance work. ”

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