North Star Renewal supports future UK sailors

North Star Renewers is set to donate more than ,000 25,000 worth of equipment to support the next generation of sailors, sailors and fishermen in the UK as part of its new sustainability program.

At South Tennis College, students at the South Shields Marine School are the first to benefit from plans to reuse the unused North Star and all of its work.

The institute has received two external motors, control units and manuals to complement their upcoming engineering course, AEC I & II.

Steve Myers, director of the North Star Renewable SOV Operations and former South Shield Naval School student, said: “As a craft company with 44 beach ships and 63 girls, we are constantly investing in new technologies and replacement equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Continuing operations of our ships for our customers.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are committed to taking care of our business environment and making a positive impact on our local communities.

Donating our indispensable equipment meets both of these objectives, and I am thrilled to see the South Shield Naval School in the early stages of improving the learning experience for its students and future sailors alike.

“It was great to hear about Steve Myers giving the kit to the school,” said Anthony Bull, head of the South Shields Marine School at the School of Marine Engineering.

“We offer a wide range of courses that include practical, hands-on experience and real-world donations, which means our students can stay close to the machinery and equipment used in the industry.

“Being able to incorporate this type of tool into our curriculum allows us to attract and retain high-performing students – and to set them up in ‘marine’ life.

Following this initial donation, North Star will continue its relationship with the college and support community organizations in the UK in search of other schools, colleges and universities and similar resources.

The company has a wide range of equipment, including rigid boats, rescue boats and engines, ship safety equipment, and a range of return nets that can be returned by local fishermen.

In addition, an abundance of personal protective equipment from North Star’s operations has been shipped to the Scottish White Fish Association.

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