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North Sea oil and gas producers are calling on the government to support up to 18 new fossil fuels in the government’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

OGUK, an industry group, said the minister was at risk of a “cliff” approach to domestic supply, arguing that existing production was declining and that Britain was dependent on imports without supporting new areas.

He added that in the next five years, the UK will increase production by 2.7 billion barrels of oil to develop 21 billion pounds of new oil fields and extend the life of existing reservoirs. ..

More details on OGUK’s push to stop all new oil and gas development in British waters by stepping up its campaign to preserve the North Sea. , As reported by OGUK.

The war recently focused on one of 18 projects, the controversial Sumberg Oil Project, 125 km northwest of the Thai Islands.

The British government, which will host the COP26 climate summit later this year, will decide whether to impose sanctions on Kambo. Climate change experts say the approval is not in line with the country’s 2050 net zero emission target.

Opponents of Trafalgar Square oppose the development of Cambo ቮ Vock Valchic / Alamin

The Paris-based International Energy Agency also points out to energy groups around the world that all new oil and gas exploration projects must be closed.

However, Ogunkek said it was unable to invest in new oil and gas fields to replace the declining oil. It means increasing the degree. ”

Oil and gas The UK’s primary energy consumption last year was 73%. As households warmed up during the cold winter months, gas supplies reached a record high between January and March.

England It started producing oil and gas in 1967, but the industry has reached the end of the century and is now in the throes of a long recession. UK production is equivalent to 1.6 million barrels of oil per day, down 5% by 2020. About 1% for global demand.

Again, Oguke said last year Britain’s production of water was enough to meet 95% of domestic oil demand and 54% of gas demand, and that the British Ministry should follow a “controlled transition”. he said.

“This move will allow us to respond as much as possible to domestic production as long as the UK continues to use oil and gas,” said DGDre Michi, CEO of OGUK North Sea. Promises to reduce emissions. Exporting hydrocarbons, the UK has no control over emissions.

Britain’s oil and gas industry has proposed a “cliff approach” as a sign that it will not be used as a signal to further Britain’s “energy demand” from some people. Rejected. “

Climate Change Commission, Government Advisory Board, By 2050, oil demand is down by 85% and gas consumption by more than 70%.

But OGUK says that by 2050, low-carbon hydrogen will still be needed in some manufacturing processes.

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