“North Sea oil and gas production still important” – Energy Live News

According to the chairman of the Petroleum and Gas Authority, oil exploration and production in the North Sea is still important for the UK to meet its energy needs.

Oil and gas currently account for three-quarters of the UK’s total energy consumption, according to Tim Igar at a conference in London.

He added, “All forecasts, including the Independent Climate Change Committee, indicate the need for future heating, energy and transportation.

“If we want to remember the importance of daily life, when we see long queues at gas stations and gas crises, we have to look back at weeks of high gas bills for millions of consumers. Supply safety returns to fashion – not too long ago.

“Our own analysis shows that domestic gas production is less than half the carbon footprint of imported liquid natural gas.”

Mr Igar also said it was important for the UK to rely on imports more than it needed, especially from countries with no clear or climate-specific targets.

On Monday, Oguck said the ban on oil and gas fields would put consumers at a higher cost of energy and fuel shortages.

During COP26 in Glasgow, Climate Change Tank E3G urges the government to replace OGA with a clean energy authority.

A few days later, as a member of the New International Cooperation Council (ICC), which has pledged to eliminate fossils to combat climate change, Wales has promised to suspend licensed oil and gas production.

This follows Nicola Sturgeon’s statement that the UK should not give green light to the proposed Cambo oil field.

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