Nonprofits want to put solar panels on restaurants to create community centers while lighting

“Let’s save lives. Let’s strengthen our community. Let’s help ourselves, let’s help ourselves. ”

New Orleans: Two local non-profit organizations are working together to find a way to save energy even if the lights go out.

The idea is to run after the storm and install solar panels on neighboring restaurants to create community oasis without the need for a generator.

Roy Warren, who has been without power for more than a week after Hurricane Hurricane, said: “We are passing by now.

Without power, Warren has no way to power the oxygen machine. He wondered what he should do, but then he got some help from his friend.

“The Red Cross is not here. The FMA may be doing their job, but they are not here. ” “They found the elderly here. The man said to Davin, “What do you want?”

Davin de Walf fed the second line of food and Cray used the solar panels to charge Warren’s oxygen machine. He also created a free charging station and connected a few other neighbors’ refrigerators.

“So, we look forward to this day to meet our solar panels. This means that the solar panels are automatically switched on when the enterprise grid is offline, ”de Welf said. , Helping people to have this really difficult time.

Now De Wolf and Franzsk Traumen are working with Glass Half Full to expand this neighborhood.

These two groups are trying to raise money and install solar panels and batteries in neighborhood restaurants, usually in areas where people cannot afford to leave.

These solar-powered restaurants serve as food, refrigeration, and charging stations. And there is no carbon monoxide. And because restaurants have energy, they don’t have to throw away all their food by reducing waste.

“All that bad food stinks and smells there, but it has become methane so our whole city, the whole of southeast Louisiana, is currently releasing tons of methane into the air,” de Welf said. “Methane is ten times more valuable than carbon monoxide”

Solar panels cost about $ 60,000, but they cut hundreds of monthly Entergy accounts. De Wolf and Traumen say the fundraiser is not just about efficiency but about the right thing to do.

“The people who care most about us are the people who stay in this city and help people, so we have to equip ourselves with the necessary equipment,” Trauman said. Help Yourself, Help Yourself ”

He goes back to Warren’s house and loves the idea of ​​the sun. He hopes that only leaders will listen.

For Devin and Red Bean Crave and the rest of the people to come in like this – where are the politicians? Warren said. “Vote for me, I will do this. where are you?”

Feed the second line He is also working to protect and repair cultural carriers after the culture. Visit FeedTheSecondLine.Org to learn more and donate.

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