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For the seventh year in a row, the NMSU Arrow Head Center, New Mexico, has been funded by the US Federal and State Technology Partnership Program (NMP) through the US Small Business Administration.

NMF will use its $ 125,000 grant to provide special training, consulting, and technical support to small businesses in New Mexico in support of free proprietary development for SBR and small business technology transfer (STTR) programs.

The SBA, the most competitive SBIR and STTR programs, aim to promote technological innovation by providing the necessary financial support to small businesses involved in the critical phase of federal research and development.

FAST seeks to promote diversity in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship by highlighting the participation of women and applicants in low-income or rural areas.

S.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. We are pleased to provide the Arrow Head Center with the help of SBIR above. This financial assistance will enable small business owners to provide the necessary technical support for research and development. The Arrow Head Center, led by Katherine Hanson, is a valuable SBA partner for our small businesses and for the state of New Mexico, ”said SBA New Mexico District Director.

The NM Fast Program has partnered with the New Mexico Department of Economic Development’s Science and Technology Bureau. SBIR applicants and recipients may benefit from their programs, including the New Mexico SBIR Related Subsidy, Innovation Voucher Program, and New Mexico Technology Transfer Gift. Using SBIR companies’ resources for both NM’s fast and NMD position to create a deeper economic impact on New Mexico.

Dana Kathron, director of strategic operations and director of the SBIR program at the Arrow Center, said: “Over the past six years, we have developed a SBIR / STTR support program that will have a significant impact on regional businesses. In fiscal year 2020, NM’s fast-growing customers had an economic impact of $ 327 million. We are pleased to continue to expand the program throughout New Mexico and to support businesses, especially inactive and first-time applicants.

When Arrow Head Center received its first Instant Prize in October 2015, NMF served 255 SBIR / STTR customers. The program facilitates 94 destination and aid workshops and events throughout New Mexico. NM Fast has provided over $ 72,000 to $ 2,000 in micro-subsidies for customer development assistance during the program’s lifetime. Since 2015, NM FAST, a small business in New Mexico, has received more than $ 11.4 million in funding from SBIR / STTR.

NM Fast has been named the Tibet Award for its contribution to the development of New Mexico’s innovative ecosystem. The award recognizes exemplary companies, organizations, and individuals that demonstrate the goals of SBIR / STTR programs, including innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and collaboration among small businesses and research institutions.

Another purpose of these programs is to encourage diversity in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. In its seventh year, NM Fast will continue to support small business development proposals through workshops, technical support and resource access, and plans to hold its fifth SBIR / STTR innovation conference on December 15.

NM Fast will also continue with SBIR Accelerators at Arrowhead Center, designed to be powerful weekly courses in the preparation of the SBIR / STTR proposal.

One of the key tasks is to expand the selection of SBIR / STTR training courses in the canvas education management system. Although the initial construction will focus on a “101-style” information course, five targeted agency-oriented courses covering the Institute of Defense, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy and NASA will be added to the forum. . The curriculum of these courses will be tailored to meet the needs, requirements and limitations of those agencies by creating a complete project package, creating technical narrative, developing and budgeting for Phase I proposals, and pursuing financial support opportunities.

NM Fast also provides micro-subsidies to small businesses that are qualified to cover the costs of professional services such as business planning assistance, growth and research partner identification assistance, proprietary and technology licensing advice, and proprietary cost advice for proposals development.

Visit their website for updates on the upcoming NM FAST Innovation Conference mit.

To learn more about NM Fast and the various programs and services offered, click here or contact Kathron at 505-469-8411 or dderego@nmsu.edu.

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