NJ business leaders say this is how we get better employees

What is the best way for the New Jersey economy to recover from the disruption caused by COVID?

A new report recommends rebuilding a backyard worker in a post-epidemic economy.

Chris Boutz, chief executive officer of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, has presented more than 100 business, academic and government experts to the Special Focus Eng task force over the past several months.

“We must all work together – our business, our academy, and our educational institutions and our government officials to make sure we connect the points,” he said.

Buteas said the epidemic has a disproportionate impact, especially on “our first-generation college students, students of color, women, minorities, and people with disabilities and low-income families.”

At a critical juncture in the economic and manpower crisis of the COVID-19 epidemic, the task force’s recommendations provide a framework for redesigning, redesigning, and rejuvenating New Jersey, ”said NJBIA President and CEO Michael Sicker. These challenging times require New Jersey to prioritize long-term manpower solutions strategic planning.


Expand partnerships by creating a Labor Development Committee and improving cooperation between employers, educational institutions and government agencies. Under the New Jersey Council of Presidents, which represents community colleges and state public and private four-year colleges and universities.

Establish a strategic partnership between the new Workforce Development Committee and the various county human resource development boards To enhance communication and collaboration on human resource development issues in New Jersey.

Train analytics for today’s jobs and tomorrow’s forecasts Identify new industries and modify both credit and non-credit curricula to accurately reflect the skills needed for the work in the garden.

Create continuing education courses in developing industries for K-12 teachers Required for at least 20 hours of professional development each year.

Increase professional awareness through activities such as “career planning seminars” in middle school and high school Introduce students to career paths and related learning requirements.

Improving business volunteering and counseling programs in grades K-12.

Develop an industry-recognized, integrated and standardized road map for certification and verification Explains the pathways to degree programs.

Expanding the value of all types of higher education and career path options, Including qualifications, degrees and career development levels.

Create a “Back to Work” public message campaign Encourage safe return to work and increase opportunities for displaced and unemployed workers.

Expand the corporation’s business tax and gross income tax credits To include businesses that invest in human resource development training.

Ensuring equitable access to education and human resource development opportunities;

Improve failed school districts.

Attorney for the New Jersey Congressional Mission Expand federal pension subsidies to unauthorized students and graduate students.

Legislation from the New Jersey Higher Education Student Support Authority to promote financial eligibility and Provides low-income students with the ability to receive training grants for unintended loan and / or certification programs He taught at government-recognized trainers.

Expand New Jersey transportation systems To increase transportation options for those seeking education and manpower training.

Create business tax credits to motivate employers to subsidize transportation costs for employees Using public transportation to go to work or attend human resource training or education courses.

Make sure you have all the new jerseys Reliable and consistent access to broadband As well as IT hardware and software.

go on Invest in child care, early childhood education and international preschool Discount for low-income families.

Promoting and promoting the values ​​of diversity, equity and inclusion.

A full report on educational equality is available here.

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