NIT Andra Pradesh, Ministry of Education, offers online instruction in nanometrics for water treatment

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Andra Pradesh offers a short course on Nano Materials online course from February 14 to 18. Engineering, and researchers in R&D laboratories and private enterprises from biotechnology and government agencies. Faculty members of the Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences who need risk assessment can also join the online course.

Supported by the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN), the Ministry of Education of the Government of India focuses on the integration of various nano-materials, methods, and behavioral techniques. In addition, nanometrical includes water transport systems, hazards, and their effects on water and wastewater treatment, the role of the oxide process is explained in detail.

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“Although water is the key to life, access to quality water remains a major challenge not only in India but also around the world. Mission Bagirata ‘took over. Telga State: Encourages Indian government researchers to experiment with low-cost water treatment technologies

The course focuses on the various nano-materials, properties, and behavioral techniques. In addition, nanometers cover the underwater interaction and transport mechanism. The final part of the course will cover nanometers on water and wastewater treatment, and the role of the oxide process will be explained in detail, ”said Dr. Barranidharran S, Coordinator of the course, Head of the Civil Engineering Department, NIT AP.

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The main objectives of the course are to understand how NMs operate in different environmental matrixes, to apply NMs in water treatment and to understand their benefits beyond conventional processes, NMS advanced oxidation process, and their application in water, wastewater and industrial water. According to the institute, the presence of nano materials in the area is dangerous.

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