Nicholas Institute, to integrate energy initiative

As the university continues its efforts to address climate change and its effects, the two Dukem multidisciplinary units will be merged.

Nicholas Institute of Environmental Policy Institute and Duke University Energy Initiative TV Brian Murai, Ph.D. He will then take over as the interim director of the newly formed department.

Duke is developing a strategic strategy to accelerate sustainable, equitable solutions to the climate crisis and equip our students, faculty and staff to discuss climate change, said Vincent E. President of Doc University. We are grateful to the visionary supporters who have been able to do this work and are proud to lead Duke Road.

“Our climate research, education and policy engagement efforts build on the significant contribution of Duke professionals,” said Duke University Provost Sally Cornbullt, PhD. Combining the strengths of climate solutions and sustainability, the Nicholas Institute and Energy Initiative TV will accelerate the university’s vision of power.

A.D. Established in 2005, the Nicholas Institute has been a bridge between Duke’s research and policy makers to create timely, effective and economically viable solutions to critical environmental and energy challenges. The Nicholas Institute, a team of policy experts, economists, scientists, and lawyers, develops non-partisan research and analysis, and prepares federal, state, and international officials for discussions on environmental issues.

A.D. Founded in 2011, Energy Inive TV has been Duke’s educational and research center on accessible, affordable, reliable and clean energy systems. Energy Initiative TV offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, seminars, and communication opportunities for students and teachers. It also communicates with Duke graduates, potential employers, industry partners and policymakers.

“Nicholas Institute and Energy Initiative have strong combined strengths, and each has built lasting and effective relationships within the university and with various stakeholders,” said Nicholas Institute’s director of environmental economics for 11 years. Energy Inive TV. “We are confident that this merger will add value to these stakeholders as it expands Duke’s access and social impact.”

Nicholas Institute, Founder, Director of the Nicholas Institute The country’s climate change ambition is to return to Duke and continue working on the university’s climate and energy policy.

“Over the past 16 years, I have taken pride in building and leading a unique institution that connects the academic and policy worlds to provide meaningful solutions to the complex challenges that threaten our world,” says Professor. “With the experience of both the Nicholas Institute. And Energy Initiative TV, Brian, is well suited to take advantage of the success of the two institutions to create a new, powerful organization to help take the lead in fighting climate change.

“Under the direction of Tim and Brian, the Nicholas Institute and Energy Initiative TV have established Duke’s leadership in these critical areas,” said Corbull. We now have the opportunity to consolidate their vast intellectual resources and work closely with other schools and programs around Duke to promote energy and environmental solutions based on information.

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