Nextracker launches Half Sun for International Sun Scholarship for Women

Although there is widespread agreement that smart workplace means more to women, women are increasingly represented in the solar industry. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), women make up only 28 percent of the scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical (STEM) jobs in the global solar industry. This disproportionate gender gap is often the result of inadequate training and networking opportunities. The scholarship is named “Half Sun” Desire and is derived from the winners of the Pitzer Prize. Nicholas D. Christoph And Of yl Real Wood Half the Sky, where test stories turn into opportunities. Because women make up half of the world’s population, Half sun It is credited with increasing female and non-gender participation to 50%, or half of solar energy.

Half sun It is a need-based scholarship program to address gender inequalities by increasing access to industry and developing the next generation of female and binary professionals. Provides financial support for vocational training in the form of tuition for STEM applicants. Global Renewable Workforce to grow to nearly 30 million people by 2030 Half sun It can help shape this workforce with multiple co-workers.

Each year, the program offers a full scholarship to 10 students for a six-week SEI solar training course for three years. To better serve the Nextracker service to global communities and markets, each of the following regions will receive two subsidies. Europe, United States, MEIAD Region (Middle East Africa, India, And Turkey); Australia And Asia Pacific; And Latin America. Applicants must obtain a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or related field.

From the date the awards are announced. Half sun Scholarship recipients will have access to Nextracker Women’s Network regional members to ensure the continuity of the network and one-on-one consulting career path. This is in line with Nextracker Women’s Network’s mission to unite, promote and motivate diversity in the workplace through social networking, educational opportunities and professional development. Recipients will provide a platform to connect solar work placements and discuss common practices in the workplace.

“By offering solar education courses and training, the recipients can expect 30 years of experience to lay a solid foundation for learning the basics of photovoltaic and engaging in photovoltaic,” he said. Elizabeth Sanderson, SEI Executive Director. “We look forward to supporting Nextracker’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals by providing high-quality, world-class solar training to the next generation of solar energy. Be it.

»Half sun The scholarship award will help the recipients to develop their professionalism and qualify for solar energy, ”he said. Christian Kirsch, Nextracker’s VP Global Marketing. “SEI has a 30-year record of training thousands of individuals in the global solar energy industry and is on par with the best practices in online and physical education. Nextracker is proud to be partnering with them and further igniting our NX Women’s Network. This task-oriented program for different workplaces.

About Nextracker
Nextracker He is a leader in renewable energy transfer. Provides vital, productive PV system technology, professional and systematic services to capture the full value of the system and increase the efficiency of solar plants. By providing a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solar monitoring and software solutions for solar generators, Nextracker transforms PV plant performance with state-of-the-art technology, data monitoring and analytics services. Please visit for more information Nextracker And follow us Twitter And Linkdin.

About SEI
For more than 30 years, SEI has been committed to training international solar energy workers. SEI provides hands-on training, safety and technical skills to enhance global manpower at a rate that is critical to climate change — that is, the skills needed to build large-scale solar farms or provide clean, safe energy. One time. He has a proven track record of providing greater diversity and inclusion in the PV industry, which is essential for success in the PV industry. Please visit for more information SEI.

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