New Year – The first day of classes at Elon University

More than 6,000 primary school students from 46 states and 49 countries have returned to Elon University, and happiness seems to be a common theme among those returning.

On Friday, August 20, Activity Day saw the 2025 class and newly transferred students arrived on campus, followed by returning students on weekends. Tuesday marks the first day of class for these students and the harvest semester is now officially underway.

“I really enjoy it,” says Tripe Hill 22, a journalist. I am happy to be in my classrooms, meeting my professors and classmates and talking to them and talking to everyone.

For the next semester, Hill said he looks forward to building on his previous relationships with Elon. Hill: “Keep in touch with people, strengthen my friendships and relationships…

Melody Harter, Program Assistant at the Leadership Center, talks to two students during college coffee.

McLean Bell ’23 shared that joy. With double history in sociology and the arts, she said it was great to see the Elon 656 hectare campus come back to life, as the student union board chair of SUB Cinema and as a guide during the summer. Bell said she was thrilled to return some of the big events to the student union board, such as the hypothetist who performed Monday night as the new student position was completed.

It will be a real pleasure for our new students in the 2025 class to experience what I experienced as a first year in a relatively normal way. When everyone returns, the energy returns to campus. ” It is good to see everyone following the rules so that we can have a safe semester immediately after the beating.

Elon began the year with an updated mask policy requiring all students, faculty and staff to wear on-premises on campus, and the university continued to follow guidance from federal, state, and local health officials. Elon is asking students to submit immunization documents this school year or to be accepted and released for moderate or religious reasons. People who are eligible for immunizations are screened every week.

“I truly believe in the way they treat the university and our security,” Bell said. So, no matter what, they believe they are doing the right thing, that means we are not wearing a mask or wearing a mask.

Elon’s new nursing program will include an opening group of about 50 students starting in the fall semester. The nursing program includes a four-year postgraduate baccalaureate program for high school students and a four-year bachelor of science (ABSN) Accelerated Science in Nursing, a 65-month, 16-month post-baccalaureate program. Credit hours and 540 clinical hours. Assistant Professor of Nursing Tiffany Morris was announced in March as the first chair of the nursing department.

“We have four members of the nursing team since the launch of the nursing program in January, and we have added six clinical instructors and two partners from the School of Health Sciences to help us implement the curriculum,” he said. .

Elon’s nursing department plans to build a rapid start-up project with at least 12 teachers in its fourth year of operation. The program estimates that it will enroll 50 students each year, which means more than 300 nursing students in Elon, double the 2024 School of Health Sciences.

“It’s one day and it’s a game. People seem to warm up the nursing room, but accelerated students start one day in class and learn these skills.

The nursing program kicked off on Monday, August 23, when it was introduced to some courses and clinics, as well as to the faculty working in the program.

Accelerated students begin their first course in papiliology on Tuesday, August 24, for 15 students who are part of the ABSN in a 16-month track.

“We will start steaming in the future,” said Morris. “Our Skills Laboratory is fully equipped with all the fake medical equipment and high fidelity, low fidelity manuals. We have a STEM coordinator with our professional simulation director who is ready to engage students in the laboratories.

Located on the second floor of the Gerald El Francis Center, the Professional Simulation Laboratory Nurse is a state-of-the-art health care education center that supports not only students but also more than 250 students at the School of Health Sciences. .

Assistant Chair of the Department of Nursing and Profile (Left) Associate Professor Tiffany Morris oversees programs and facilities such as the Nursing Skills Laboratory, which provides nursing students to develop their skills by treating patients in bed and during practice sessions and simulation exercises. High and low technology maneuvers.

The Department of Nursing collaborates with physiotherapists and physician assistant programs for a variety of purposes, Morris said.

“We are building a change nursing program that includes the promotion of health equality. We have opportunities for international learning experiences, ”said Morris. It is an unusual opportunity to incorporate our system practices into other subjects.

The nursing program will also focus on health equity, Morris said, noting students working with teachers and potential health care providers to identify ways to improve health care in isolated communities.

“The first day was really great,” said Laurent Myers, a member of the first ABSN team. It was a wave of information, but it helped us to be more excited and prepared for the next year and a half.

Myers He graduated from Chapel Hill University in North Carolina in 2009 and worked as a high school math teacher before deciding to make a career change. She says having a baby sooner or later means spending more time with her family to move forward with her plans and still start helping people. She initially wanted to become a medical assistant, but she felt better after a coworker mentioned Elon’s new nursing program.

Mars: “I live in Greenborough, so he is very close and I did not know that I was in a distant medical school. Compared to a doctor’s assistant school, it was really close and affordable and only 16 months old.

Myers said she hopes to get into women’s health after the program. After giving birth recently, she enjoys helping women with prenatal, labor, and childbirth.

Brian Williamsson was a pharmacist for over 20 years before joining the ABSN program in Elon. “I came across an Elon ABS program,” he said.

Williams was searching for information about another program, and Elon appeared in search results. After reading about supplies in Elon, the university got exactly what it needed.

After more direct interactions with patients over the past five years and his own health issues, he realized that he could do more as a nurse than he could as a pharmacist. “I thought I had more to offer than just prescribing and giving advice. I want to be in bed, and I want to be there for people more than I can be like a pharmacist, ”said Williamson.

After completing the program, Williamson said he hopes to start his own practice focusing on nursing. Nursing is such a craft, and in the next 16 months he looks forward to the face-to-face interactions with his team and professors.

“Enthusiasm and energy are very high here,” said Williamsson.

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