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Indianapolis – NASCAR last September added the 2021 World Cup program with a dirt track, three additional road course competitions and one additional oval, and the changes were described by some as dynamic, huge and huge.

Sunday’s race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the latest in a series of major changes to the program. The remaining 12 contests, including the 10 qualifiers, They have hosted trophies in the past.

So what did this sport see on the dirt in Bristol and at American District, Road America, Indy Road Course and Nashville Superwayway events?

Some memorable moments, of course, but lots of learning experiences.

He gave another example in Sunday’s competition. NASCAR must prevent the recurrence of the massacre at the end of the race due to road problems and the fact that the driver of the undercarnation turned into a white flag.

These cars and hoods and all that stuff don’t go together, ”said Denny Hamlin, who lost his chance to win the Indie after Chase Brisco took the lead. “We are trying to force sports fans into this race.

“Even though the end is a broken race, I’m sure everyone will like it. It’s just stupid. It is a complete circus game at the end of the race. Just roll the dice and hope you don’t break. ”

For the most part, these new developments seemed to have something to offer next year.

Football champion Shase Eliot told NBC Sports on Monday.

The Bristol Garbage Competition – the first soccer event since 1970 – faced a number of issues.

Excessive tire wear in practice has forced officials to increase race warnings, extend platform lengths, and provide more tires for the race.

Both the trophy and the truck race were postponed to Monday due to rain. There was no way for mud mirrors to run on a wet track without mud and safety issues.

It remains a question for next year – how to allow those episodes to run on the mud track?

Nascar was first protected in the United States. The road course in Austin, Texas gave NASCAR a new place, and the trophy, Xfinity and Camping World Truck Series competed on Formula One track.

Heavy rains forced NASCAR to shorten its soccer tournament over the weekend. After a lot of debris, drivers were unable to see because of the water spraying from the front. Kevin Harvik called racing “a very unsafe thing to do in a race car.”

One day later, three teams took part in an earlier test on the Richmond Road. There is a way for caps to run in the wet in a humid way. He is trying to find a way to divert his attention. NASCAR does not appear to be ready to run in wet conditions on short tracks at this time.

Along the way, while others tested their eligibility, two events in the category resulted in full-time warnings. Eliot was among those whose qualifications were canceled. When the second caution was over, there was not enough time to make a third attempt in the session, so he had to start at the back.

Eliot responded by winning that race. Delighted, he gave the fans a second burn.

Also during this race, Hamlin’s hot drive against Kyle Larsen boosted their dual strength for the regular season championship. It was not dirty. Just a good, tough competition.

Just over the weekend, the crowd on the street in the United States was unforgettable, inspiring the event.

Eliot says: “The people seemed to be enjoying each other’s company over the weekend. There were many people there.

That electricity was also heard on the Nashville Superwayway, where it was sold to 38,000 fans. One of the frustrations was that the start of the race was delayed by traffic for about 10 minutes.

“Nashville is also a great example for all people and a great joy,” said Eliot. “Candidate, I’m sorry we weren’t ready for traffic. I would be upset if I went to that event and sat in traffic for a while and became a fan. ”

Nashville officials have promised to make changes in preparation for next year.

Among the highlights of the new World Cup venues this year –

Moments like these make those events worthwhile, but NASCAR wants fans not to repeat the issues on those tracks to make fans want to watch those competitions next year and beyond.


More or less road course competition?

Sunday’s competition was the sixth of seven road course competitions this season. For some drivers, the road course is getting tired.

“It’s too small,” said Chris Buscher before the race began on Sunday. “I’m a fan of the road course, so I enjoy doing it four or five times a year, but that’s enough and maybe on the high side I like.

I think most drivers would say the same thing. I know we have a few people who are really good at road courses and maybe want to run a lot, but I’m also a short track runner. That’s what I grew up with, and that’s what I want to do more. ”

“I don’t think we want more,” said William Byron, who is tired of road courses this year. I think seven is plentiful.

“I think NextGen car courses make you better as a driver. They are easy to drive and may be slightly stretched.

Now I feel that the cars are too heavy to drive. There are many brake locks. The cars don’t stop well. They do not rotate well. Therefore, they see many dangers.

“Next year, the car will easily brake and shift and you will not see much mechanical problems.

Daniel Suarez can see future roadmaps with the addition of additional road courses.

“I love the road course,” he said before Sunday’s race. “That’s what I grew up with in good-carts. I would not be surprised if one day we have 10 road courses and 25 ovals on the program. It’s very nice. Everyone is happy. ”

Suarez saw some excitement at the NTT IndyCar Series weekend in Nashville earlier this month. Suarez ran the Transcar TA TA2 race with his car owner, Justin Marx, a day before the Indcar race on the city streets.

“I don’t think it could be better than me,” said Suarez. “The fans were amazing. The number of fans, every day… was crazy. Lots of NASCAR fans. Many people asked for pictures. I was very surprised by this. I really hope NASCAR offers a street course opportunity because it was an amazing event.

Looking at future NASCAR street course competitions, Suarez could get his wish.

The NT Indicar series on the streets of Tennessee and Nashville had a lot of energy, says Daniel Suarez. He said he would like to see him race in a support series and do NASCAR road courses. (Photo – Stephanie Amador / Tennessee)


Think of possible things

Honorable Motor Sports journalist Robin Miller wrote on on Monday. The NTT IndyCar Series had to find a way to drive Kyle Larson in the Indianapolis 500 next year.

Miller suggested that the owner of the Larson Cup trophy, Rick Hendrik, sign the agreement. If not, Larson may be running alongside Roger Penske’s team or Ed Anna pent. Both Chevrolets field in that series.

In the trash, Larson’s adventures lead to a year in which he will not be seen in motor racing.

The Coca-Cola 600 is one of six NASCAR trophies it has won this year (including the All-Star Cup). He is the leader of points.

His record this season includes winning the Chilean Ball Medium Motor Racing and the Knoxville National Motor Racing in January. His Knoxville victory was on the verge of winning the Eddie Road course in less than 24 hours.

Larson told NBC Sport in June:

Even in this year’s big car and speed car race, Larson has a look at other races besides his NASCAR goals.

Larson said, “If I get into late modeling right now, the world is 100 next month – that is their Knoxville citizens and Daytona 500, so one day I would like to win that.”

“Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to compete more on the road. This year is special. They’ve been preparing for the world since last year, so I can schedule a midweek show on Thursday night. There are a lot of delayed model contests – the dream, the dirty track World Championship.

I don’t even know (all the crown contests) because I’m new to it (delayed model competition). Open National in Motor Vehicles. BC39 (this week on the dirt truck at Indianapolis Motor Speedway) will be in the middle with a bowl of Bevel and Chile. There are a lot of great people out there. ”

For those who question whether Larson is too thin to suffer the consequences of NASCAR, don’t count on him.

I’m not going there (to the Knoxville nationalities) to put more pressure on myself, ”Larson said before the start of the England Cup. If you talk about pressure, I think it will come more when I come back (in Nascar). I still have to show that I am fully committed to this.

I think we (like) have a good practice and a good run (starting with Larson fourth) and then this afternoon a good race (finished third), I think that (I) confirms everything. Working together and busy, NASCAR is still at the top of my list.

Larson’s move to the Indy 500 next year could see seven-time champion Jimmy Johnson join the Indie 500 next year in a semi-induction program. He is expected to test the Texas Motor Vehicle Speedway later this month.

Now, Kyle Bush has expressed interest in competing in the Indianapolis 500 only if he can get permission to do so. Wouldn’t it be one thing to see all three drivers in the Indy 500?

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