New VC for Anna Varsity

R. Velgej, former director of the Institute of Energy Studies and director of CAD / CAM at the University of Anna-FRG, has been appointed vice chancellor of Anna University. .

According to Raj Bavan, Professor Velgej has been in office for three years. The Chancellor handed over the appointment order to Professor Veljraj on Wednesday.

Professor Veljraj has 33 years of teaching experience and has published 193 research papers in H-Index 52 and over 10,000 citations. He has presented 29 papers on international educational / research events, and has produced four international academic / research events.

The author of three books has presented 31 study papers at national conferences. He has completed 15 research projects worth 17.85 million euros. He led 33 PhDs. Scholars and two MS students. He has two patents and six contacts for his credit.

He has developed three courses for his PhD. Program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which introduced nine new courses for engineering teachers and participated in the development of two academic programs for engineering masters at Anna University.

He knows the administration of the university and has 14 years of management experience as director, deputy director and head of the department. He is also a member of the Board of Education, a member of the Academic Council of Anna University, and has served in various educational institutions.

He has visited seven foreign countries for academic and research purposes, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, Russia, South Korea, and Australia.

The appointment was well received by his colleagues. They expect to receive research. Since he is from the university system, they believe the faculty will have a better understanding of him. “There is no corruption,” said one coworker.

Political parties opposed the appointment of MK Surappa, a former deputy chancellor, in protest of a bid from the neighboring state of Carthage.


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