New Trustees

Eight graduates, including the 2021 Class Graduate Trustee, have joined the Connecticut College Board of Trustees.

The new trustees –

Jessica Arkbald ’95

Jessica Arkbald's '95 image

Jessica Arkbald is the CEO and member of the Investment Committee of Senior Capital Partners in San Francisco. She is a co-founder of the Fund and is involved in the company’s capital acquisition efforts. Arkbald joined Paul Capital in 2005 as a top-notch company. Prior to joining the ranks, she was part of the investment team of Capital Capital LLC, a biotechnology specialist. She had previously spent five years with Solomon Smith Barney.

Through a two-year medical program that complements their medical and therapeutic programs, Arkbald serves as a member of the West Coast Board, an organization dealing with emotional trauma and social exclusion by linking children with severe and chronic illnesses to a college athletics team. .

Arkbald studied at the University of Caledonia in Glasgow at a young age and graduated in 1995 with a degree in mathematics and economics. She She took a bachelor’s degree in St. Gallen University in 2001 and earned an MBA in New York Stern Business School in 2002. A.D. In 2006. After graduating from the New York Athletics Club, a nine-time national champion, she continued to compete in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

Lawrence “Nat” Damon 93

Photo by Lawrence B. Damon III

Nathan Damon is the Founding Director of Reach Academics, an organization that works closely with K-12 Schools to strengthen relationships between students, teachers, staff, parents and administrators, so that all members can prosper. He hosts the Reach.Teach.Talk podcast and currently serves as the director of the Intermediate Middle School for Girls at the Archer School in Los Angeles. Damon has previously served as a leader in several independent schools in California. He was the assistant principal of the John Thomas Dai School at Bell Air, Kali, Kali. And established the Academic Dean of Students at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, CA. As a 6th through 11th grade English teacher, he holds positions at the Park School (Brooklyn, MA), Derby Academy (Hingham, MA), and Harvard-Westlack School (Bell Air, CA). He is the author of two books – “True Colors in My Ordinary World” (2020) and “Time to Teach – Time to Reach” (2018).

Damon is a board member of Soho Parish Elementary School in London and was recently elected to the Board of Trustees of Los Angeles School. He has served as a board member for Boys and Valley Charter Schools in North Hills, Kali, for three years.

Damon He graduated in 1993 with a degree in American Studies and Psychology and received an MA in English Literature in 2000 from Medieval College.

Mark Fallon 92

Mark de Fallon '92 image

Since April 2020, Mark Falon has served as Chairman and CEO of APTIM at Veritas Capital Portfolio Company. APTIM focuses on engineering, program management, environment, energy efficiency, sustainability, resilience, disaster recovery, critical facility reliability, and accidental construction solutions and services. Prior to joining APTIM, Fatelon served as President and CEO of Envirocon and Modern Machines. He has previously held various leadership roles in CH2M, including board member, president of global regions, managing director of Europe, and president of international nuclear business. Falon began his career as a senior adviser to the United States Department of Energy in the United States Department of Energy.

Falon has served as director of the Denver Scholarship Foundation, a member of the US Export-Import Bank Advisory Committee, and a member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Environmental Advisory Board.

Falon graduated with a government degree in 1992.

Alice Handy 70

Image of Alice Handy

Alice Handy is the founder, former president and CEO of the Foreign Investment Bureau for colleges and foundations under $ 12 billion. Handy Investment served as the first investment officer for 29 years at the University of Virginia, later becoming treasurer, and eventually president of Virginia Investment Management Company (UVIMCO). She was treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1988 to 1990. Handy began her career as a Bond Portfolio Manager and Assistant Vice President.

Handy serves on the National Gallery London Board of American Friends and the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. She also donates to St. Jude Hospital, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the Charlottesville Great Road, Sweet Briar College, and the Smithsonian Institution.

He studied economics at Connecticut College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1970.

Sydney Sheep ’21 (Yat)

Sydney L. Sheep '21 image

Sydney Lam is an American researcher, sociologist, and dean of the Dean’s semester. She received the Vera Snow Graduation Union, the 2003 American Studies Unit Award, and the Robert Hampton Award for two seniors who have made significant contributions to the college and the community. In the summer of 2019, Sheep was a program manager at Columbia University’s pre-college program in New York. There she assisted professors with high school courses and developed media and marketing content for the program. Late in late 2019, she studied American history and ancient history at the University of London College.

Lamb has served as a member of the Honorary Council for all four academic years, and has recently chaired weekly meetings. Lame was the creative director and co-president of Inive TV’s Endowment for Women, more than 100 participants.

Sarah A. Mudo ’98

Picture of Sarah Mudho

Since 2015, Sarah Mudho has served as general advisor to Wellspring Capital Management in New York. She In 2017, Prior to joining Weepren, Sarah served as a consultant in the New York-based Paul, Weiss, Riftford, Worton, and Garrison LLP. As a member of the Integration and Discovery Group at Paul Weiss, Mudho is involved in a variety of foreign and domestic purchases and investments, transit, joint ventures, rehabilitation and other transactions with US and foreign clients in various trades, including steel, manufacturing, defense, hospitality, health. Care, sportswear and consumer goods industries.

Mudho graduated with a degree in International Relations in 1998 and received a JD from Columbia Law School. During her time at the college, she played for the Varsity Women’s Basketball Team for three seasons and participated in Umoja for four years. Christopher’s brother Christopher also attended the 2001 class.

Daven Dance Preston ’93

Photo by Deven Dance Preston '93

Since 2014, Daven Preston has been working as a special advocate with Marine Compensation in court with foster children. Her career focuses primarily on environmental and sustainable development. She has served as director of environmental programs with the Rhode Island Foundation, executive director of the Washington County Regional Planning Council, local compliance officer and enduring manager, Predio Trust, and the National Audubon Association.

Preston serves as vice-chairman of the Insight Garden Program Board, an organization that facilitates in-school curricula and re-supports returnees. While a student at Conan, Preston volunteered for women at the York Prison, a lifelong advocacy group and advocate for prison policy reform. She is a board member of the Children’s Change Board and a trained volunteer who supports survivors of domestic violence.

Preston She received her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and English in 1993 from Connecticut College and in 1999 from the University of Michigan School of Environmental Policy. Deven’s sister, April Danz, also attended Connecticut College and graduated. 1996

Martin Terry 83

Martin de Terry 83

Martin Terry, media executive, has more than 30 years of experience in direct marketing and brand management in a variety of categories, including telecommunications, books, magazines, coffee and tobacco. Terry is a founding partner of ConvergeDirect, a direct response media organization that provides strategic solutions in media planning and procurement, analysis and marketing services. Prior to ConvergeDirect, he worked for Time4Media, Time4Media, and Time Inc.

Terry serves as a senior consultant for COOP Careers, which works to help individuals overcome unemployment by improving digital skills and peer relationships. He is a former member of the New Canaan United Road Board and a former board member and New Cancer Better Opportunity, a community-based organization focused on providing opportunities for academically gifted minority students in their own communities.

Terry was a major in sociology at Connecticut College. After the Community Resource Commission School, he received the Anna Lord Strauss Award for his volunteer work in coordinating his relief efforts on the campus for major fire victims in New London. Chapter of NAACP. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association.

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