New natural gas bill is being filed in Minnesota.

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Most Minnesota residents are noticing a new charge for their natural gas bills.

It is called a “severe weather reimbursement” and results in high fees.

The extra cost is coming at the same time. Gas prices are more than double a year ago.

A.D. A statement from November 2020 highlights here Buy gas regulator “

Payment is here, beginning in November 2021. Purchase gas adjustment The price is about 3 times higher than it was a year ago.

Unless prices fall sharply, the result will be higher wages during the winter. Minnesota Energy last month warned consumers about higher bills: The analysis estimates normal winter weather.

But due to the new surcharge, bills will also be higher.

The additional cost is related to the cold weather that affected energy companies during the “polar vortex” that hit most parts of the country in February. Energy companies in Texas, particularly natural gas operators, have been hit hard. This resulted in a historic increase in prices that cost Minnesota suppliers hundreds of millions of dollars. In August, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a cost-sharing plan that would cover additional costs over a two-year period.

The commission also called for a debate on whether the utilities were rational and whether the unusual costs were reasonable. To ensure Minnesota is prepared for future weather events, the commission has instructed Minnesota rate hikers to set up a public stakeholder group to review future climate change and market-related policy and regulatory changes.

During the meeting, PUC Chairman Katie Siben issued the following statement:

“Without our action, customers would have to spend hundreds of millions more dollars next year. Given the ongoing epidemic, this decision is very important for taxpayers.

The plan includes a measure to exempt low-income residential customers who receive energy assistance or natural gas bills delayed by 60 to 120 days due to natural gas prices. The Commission urges consumers to continue applying for the Energy Assistance Program or to submit a payment plan to terminate their relationship.

There is a break for natural gas customers. State and local sales taxes are not accounted for between November and April.

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