New loan transfer agreement to benefit Wisconsin students

Madison, Wise – The University of Wisconsin and the WTCS Technical College (WTCS) have signed a historic agreement between the two higher education systems that will make it easier for students to transfer between 72 credits.

Effective September 1, the agreement will require the two systems to separate at least 72 major general education courses for the 2022-23 academic year.

“This student-centered agreement will improve the quality of higher education in Wisconsin and is a victory for students and for both of us,” said Tommy Thompson, president of the USA System. There is much we can do when we work together.

Thompson said the agreement underscores the partnership between the USA system and WTCS, including transfer agreements that have already paved the way for up to 30 transfer credits. He emphasized that it represents an in-depth analysis by educators and academics to identify suitable courses for both systems.

“The commitment of our teachers and staff to Wisconsin students is amazing,” Thompson said. “The agreement is accessible to students and saves time and money. Increases credit consistency between UW system and WTCS campuses.

The UW system makes transportation details available on the Transferology website, allowing students to check course compatibility and which credits are transferred. The agreement means that a student may be able to take technical college courses and enter UW System University at the level of his or her degree. The agreement also increases the mobility of loans, which allows UW students to transfer credits to WTCS in a process known as “reverse transition”.

The agreement will be reviewed in 2023 when additional courses can be added from both systems.

The UW System and WTCS have a long history of collaborations, including the development of a collaborative faculty, including the invitation of WTCS teachers to UW System conferences and webinars; Establish an Inter-System Steering Committee on Transfer; And meetings twice a year by consultation, registration and referral.

The University of Wisconsin serves approximately 165,000 students. Awarded up to 37,000 degrees each year, the USS System is a Wisconsin talent pipeline, increasing graduates’ income, contributing to their communities and making Wisconsin a better place to live. The state’s UW system graduates will remain in Wisconsin for five years after earning nearly 90 percent. The UW system provides a 23: 1 return on government investment. UW systems also contribute to Wisconsin’s cultural and economic prosperity through research, new companies, patents, and unlimited creative energy.

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