New King crowned in Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta region and inspired by young Nigerians

Thousands of people gathered on the streets, and in the Delta State, the people of Ereki, as the people of Itikiki appointed new King Ojiam Atuate III, flew around the world.

Born in 37-year-old Uninosotsola Emiko, 37-year-old is one of the youngest to rise to the throne and do so.

Inspired by a new generation, the prince’s speech was a highlight of the celebration for many who often mourn the loss of leadership in the country.

He called on the region to look at “oil and gas”.
Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and contributes 86% of its total export revenue.
The Niger Delta, in the southern part of the country, had to fight against the insurgents, oil spills and pollution caused by the Bimot power companies in the region.

“We need to look beyond oil and gas and distribute our energy in the right direction,” he said.

Many are hoping for a new version of Wori Olu to reorganize the region’s narrative.

“Niger Delta has a narrative of pollution or distrust, and I really feel like a twist,” Oritsema Jamide told CNN.

‘Women are no longer visible’

Warri also promised that the agency would empower women to play an active role in the community.

“We make sure that women, both old and young, are respected and respected not only in words but also in real cultural practices. So I say to our women today, they will no longer be invisible. ”

As is customary in monarchies, new titles for Anna and her husband are known as Iye Olu Atuwase III and Olori Atawase III.

Escherichia co-founder Tara Fela Durotoye attended the coronation ceremony.

She told the Sri Lankans that they were overjoyed at the hope that the new king would bring to his people from all walks of life.

“I saw people bursting into dance. I saw people screaming … I think Nigerians are looking for something different and new, something new. And he represents all of that, his age, his vulnerability, his educational background, his lineage. ”

“He brought a lot to the throne, he helped technology, he helped entrepreneurship, he helped women. It was such a beautiful, beautiful experience and it gave me hope to be a part of it. ” He told CNN.

Witnessing history

Prominent leaders, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo and IFO Ooni, the King of Ile-Efe in southwestern Nigeria, attended a ceremony in Ode-Isakiki, the ancestral home of the Istakris.

Many across the country and in the diaspora, aligned with local broadcasts, gather at viewing centers to witness history.

Iskikris are an ethnic group living in the western part of the Niger Delta.

Durotoye told CNN that her first visit was to thank her father, a historian who confirmed the child’s attendance.

As a 10-year-old, I attended the funeral [of the present Olu of Warri’s father] And there was a lot of love for that king … every house was talking about the crown … there were various activities like the installation of Olu, ”she said.

As a 44-year-old woman, I was humbled to sit down today to participate and be in another crown in my life as a mother of three.

Hope for the Diaspora

Prior to his talk, Warry Oulu delighted the audience with his interpretation of Christian songs. However, he was criticized by some who expected him to accept the traditional beliefs of his ancestors.

Olu reversed the ancestral curse of his grandfather, Olu Erejuwa II of Nigeria.

“As a firm believer in the complex connection between spiritual and physical revelation. It is our firm belief that this issue needs to be addressed today. ”

“As the spiritual, cultural, political and cultural ruler of this land … I will copy the curse here and release it to the Federal Government of Nigeria, which has in mind to spread forgiveness and healing for that destruction.

Benin Crowning Oban - Tradition 700 Years

For those like Jamide, the Diaspora promises hope for a new era for those who want to build stronger ties with the community.

I’ve been worried about spending too much time, because I’m building my foundation, and I’m rooting for it. ”

It is important to have someone on the throne now who has a vision for the government that will create the conditions for these dreams.


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