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The African Solar Training Provider Gray Solar Academy is one step ahead with a commitment to launch a successful training program for solar energy.

Green Solar Academy recognizes that training is only the first step in finding a job in the solar industry.

Together with a well-established solar company with Peak Power Solutions in Gauteng, Pretoria, they will provide practical training alongside their current training. Peak Power Solutions is led by William Van Schalkewick, who started a GREEN training course in 2014 in the solar industry and is aware of the challenges facing new solar panels. This partnership is a pilot program with other GREEN Alumni companies in the future.

Giren’s commitment to helping participants get started in solar energy will continue through short, professional courses and additional services such as new network meetings and forums, where new learners will learn from industry competitors and have direct access to wholesalers.

“We want to make sure that all the doors to a successful future in the sun are open to our students and that new and experienced graduates can use all the resources we have,” said Ante Klaus, director of the Green Solar Academy. Vorreiter.

GREEN Feedback from +3600 Trained People Finding qualified staff is stifling growth in the solar industry. As a result, there is now more demand for solar energy. And on the contrary, newcomers struggle to get up quickly to fill vacancies, making it difficult to jump from training to work. Intermediate steps are needed when the new graduates have a secure place to put what they have learned in their training.

To facilitate this, Green is leveraging the relationships that have grown over 10 years of training and is shifting to small start-up and established SMEs to Aluminum companies in Peak Power Solutions, which will take on the responsibility of training new employees.

Explaining why he opened the doors to his first co-workers, Willem van Schalkek said: “Companies must also take responsibility for training. Will be the standard of his own work ”

Entrepreneurs will be exposed to all aspects of solar installation, from controlling inventory to subsequent projects to the climbing, modules and electrical equipment of both residential and commercial systems. In addition to gaining invaluable experience at work, existing staff will participate in ongoing training sessions on new products, methods and safety. At every level, the installation company is committed to providing the instructor’s personal development guidance and support as a competent PV installation.

The co-worker benefits both parties by maintaining a permanent job with the company and finding another solar expert with strong experience in the industry.

The initiative will connect GREEN with a value-added service to its predecessors by linking them to solar companies that are looking for suitable workers. Every three months, at least one graduate will be accepted by the board as a partner with a partner company, and this number will increase as more graduate companies sign up for the initiative and increase their capacity for interns.

The internship program is open to all GREEN graduates, graduates graduate from one of our training courses, and will soon collaborate with other GREEN graduates.

Unfortunately, we live in a country with high unemployment rates. All of these entrepreneurs who have invested in professional solar training are here, and they only need some hands-on experience and guidance. And our internship program gives that, ”says Andy Klaus-Vorter.

Applicants for the first round have already been interviewed and selected. Green Solar Academy graduates – both experienced and talented – are invited to visit the GREEN website for more details on the initial opening scope and implementation process: -international-program/

Green Solar Academy is a 100% female-owned training provider in the solar industry in the installation of photovoltaic solar systems in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Togo, Mozambique and Ghana. Green (Abbreviation for Global Renewable Energy and Efficiency Network) Founded in 2011, Maxx-solar Academy is the successor to DGS SolarSchool (DGS) Africa.

Peak Power Solutions is a Gauteng-based wholesaler and retailer of solar panels, and includes PV GreenCard approved PV solar systems installation, power auditing, system design and system monitoring and support services.


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