New Hyundai Ionic 5 electric car won by Germany

Already 2022 is in the world of automotive fans, and Hyundai is ahead of the pack in nailing the ionic 5 Electric Car of the Year award. That is the big feat on the hat maker for the car maker, who has faced his own criticism over the years. Now, while it is suddenly sinking – and winning – a compact electric vehicle, other automakers are pushing themselves to enter the big SUV market. Go image!

2022 German Best Car Award for Hyundai Ionic 5 Electric Car

It seems that other car manufacturers who have written compact data in support of larger vehicles need to revisit the electric car market.

Hyundai wasted no time in hitting the horn at the new 2022 German Car of the Year award.

The award was announced six months after the launch of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 in Germany, an all-electric, medium-sized compact vehicle.

Ioniq 5 has teamed up with other competitors in five categories, including New Energy, which is a major player in winning the 2022 award.

Hyundai quotes Jens Myers, co-founder and judge of Germany’s Best Car of the Year award, as saying: . ”

“In our eyes, the IONIQ 5 operating concept and battery technology are groundbreaking,” Miners added.

For the record, Nens Miners Contributor is an editor. Car and driver. GM has been covering the bus industry in the United States and Germany since the EV plunged into EV waters in the 1990s, so getting rid of the words “special” and “groundbreaking” is a great achievement.

“This victory demonstrates that battery-powered vehicles are becoming more and more important to our customers in Europe.

What does this Ioniq 5 say?

The ionic electric car line seems to be taking over here in the United States as well. Tesla’s views have become dozens of cents, so any other duplicate of electric cars will appear on the radar around your local roads in a matter of days.

Based on those views, the ionic line already seems to have fans in the New York-New Jersey Metro area.

If no one is selling your ioniq 5 in your area, you can still get a good look by going to your cinema and checking out the electric car. Spiderman: No homeIt is set to kick off on December 17th.

“Customers can choose between two battery pack options – 58kW per hour or 72.6kW – and a universal or rear wheel drive,” Hyundai said.

“The rear wheel drive with a maximum torque of 72.6 kWh per hour is 481 km / h, according to the WP TP charging station minutes.

The future multi-modal electric car

Hyundai is about to bury the leader in that battery charger and charging time, although he has finally reached the final point.

“Customers can charge any electronic device, such as a laptop or e-scooter, when driving or stopping using V2L technology.”

Did you just say what we think? Yes, they did. The reference to laptops suggests that the future electric vehicle is essentially a large energy storage device on wheels, which can be used as a home or office extension and provide resistance in the event of a power outage.

The e-scooter is particularly interesting because it also works for e-bikes and other small personal mobile devices. As much as we love the electric car, let’s face it. All cars contribute to urban congestion, and they wash away the bulk of the raw materials from small vehicles such as e-scooters and e-bikes. The car-plus-scooter model (or bicycle) is best if it can replace a family of two cars.

The e-bike trend is catching on like wildfire (see some of our comments here, here and here) so it’s a smart move to connect your voice to electric cars with two-wheeled zero-emission mobility.

Hyundai has maintained its trend in 2019 by introducing a new e-scooter that fits into its unique compartment in its vehicle, although this special scooter appears to be designed for very young and very suitable individuals on a very small platform. On a newly built bike path, it is not too difficult but it can be challenging to navigate holes, pits and cobblestones. It will be interesting to see when and where Hyundai will be able to design e-bikes that can be entered into special rooms.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Steel has upgraded its steel division with H-Bik to an electric bike sharing market. The test program includes the reuse of disconnected batteries from hybrid electric vehicles.

Hyundai and Vehicle Electrification Wide World

Turning to Ioniq 5, Hyundai’s two-year free access to Electrifice America’s fast charging network covers all foundations, which already includes nearly 700 stations everywhere in the United States.

In the meantime, Hyundai has not given up on chasing Unicorn, an invisible fuel cell electric vehicle. Testing single-car buyers for a fuel cell electric car has been a struggle, and it has become increasingly difficult as battery technology has improved, costs have decreased, and charging time has decreased. As is the case with leading cars such as the Volvo, Hyundai seems to be using heavy duty trucks and off-road sectors in the fuel cell business in the near future.

Amazingly, the fuel cell market is accelerating the construction of a battery-powered charger network globally. This is because of the growing demand for fuel cells to explode in the green hydrogen market by deploying renewable energy, including water, biogas, wastewater and plastic waste.

Carbonation of Renewable Energy and Resource Utilization The fuel cell sector will provide the opportunity to launch AV charging stations in remote areas without having to build new transmission lines and other electrical infrastructure.

The Extreme-E Electric Vehicle District was the first to consider charging a battery-powered vehicle at a remote charging station powered by a green hydrogen fuel cell. The big question is why don’t you put too many batteries on your electric car charger remotely. If you have any thoughts on this, please leave a comment online.

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Image ከረ Closed-Ioniq 5 electric car in a new Spiderman movie, courtesy of Hyundai Motors.

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