New gas for the new century

In a statement, Prime Minister Anastasia Palazzuk continued to play a key role in the recovery of Queensland from COVID-19. File file

The Queensland Nation, which governs domestic gas policy, assists in North Queensland resource projects.

Senex Energy today announced a new agreement to supply natural gas through the diamond and power station on Mount Isa, generating the energy needed to operate today’s century.

Prime Minister Anastasia Palazzuzuk continues to play a key role in the resource industry by recovering Queensland from COVID-19.

“Our commitment to making gas available to Australian consumers is paramount,” he said.

This means that businesses such as New Century Resources will continue to carry out their daily zinc mining activities, and will continue to expand because they are guaranteed to be supplied by companies such as Senex Energy.

As a government, we see this cooperation as crucial to ensuring future support and continued employment opportunities.

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Under a three-year agreement starting at the beginning of next year, Senex will provide about 7 percent of natural gas to support New Century processing operations at a fixed price based on current market standards.

Minister of Resources Scott Stuart said he was impressed by the cooperation of various industry sectors.

“Central Minerals is an integral part of our state, and this new agreement will enable them to continue their work while supporting hundreds of projects,” Mr Stewart said.

“This new agreement shows that Queensland has taken a heavy toll on domestic gas.

Our gas industry is extremely important for mining and production, and this agreement between Senex Energy and New Century Resources shows this.

The government of Palazzuzuk has bid for more than 20,000 square kilometers of land for the domestic market alone, and 15 plots have been awarded.

A.D. In 2018, Senex was awarded the first Australian market position, guaranteeing that the gas would be exported to the Australian market.

As a government, we know that domestic gas is important to many parts of Queensland’s industry and not only to support it but also to create hundreds of jobs.

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