New diploma in advanced geothermal studies in Peru

Geothermal specimens in Pinana springs, Chocopata, Peru

In partnership with the Peruvian Engineers and Energy Development Corporation (EDC Peru), they have launched an advanced research diploma program in geothermal energy to support local capacity building.

The Peruvian Institute of Engineers and the Council of the Architecture Department of Geothermal Power have announced the launch of a “Diploma in Advanced Studies in Geothermal”.

The archipelago regions of southern Peru, mainly in the Pacific Ring, have special resources for generating geothermal electricity and using it directly. Heating or air conditioning, such as buildings and other utilities. However, technology that allows the use of geothermal resources has not yet been used in Peru.

The purpose of the diploma course is to increase the knowledge of this technology in the region for electricity or heating, and to develop professionals from the archipelago and the southern part of the country.

This is the first training initiative under the agreement to disseminate knowledge of geothermal energy in the region, between CIP Arequipa and EDC Peru last March.

The diploma will be delivered through the ZOOM Forum on Thursday, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm for 3 months for a total of 36 teaching hours.

There will be 2 modules for 6 courses each, taught by engineers from Peru, Italy, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, where such projects have already been developed.

To register for the diploma or to obtain a certificate of participation from the Peruvian Institute of Engineers, you can write to e-mail and the registration will be opened by the Peruvian Engineers College through social networks – the Council of Archeology and ADC Peru.

Geothermal generation involves the production of electricity in conjunction with global warming. EDC Peru is part of the world’s leading geothermal resource generation power plant and has projects to develop its natural resources in southern Peru.

The Philippine-owned Geothermal Energy Corporation’s energy development corporation estimates that by 2026 or 2027, two geothermal power plants, Akumanini, will be built in Arkipapa and Mokogua. The investment in both projects is over $ 1 billion.

Source – Rivista Energiminas


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