Nevada Nano goes for gas detection mini in IoT applications

The Nevada Nano, a gas detector sensor, went better with a flammable gas sensor due to its popular circular shape, with it bent and reduced by half an inch.

The MPS Mini, a flammable gas sensor, is designed primarily for residential, commercial and other non-industrial applications, making it “suitable for IoT applications,” said Bob Vigdor, security sales director for Reno, Nevada.

Although the new mini version has almost the same features, the previous model was larger and more rounded. The MPS in its name is a spotometer for molecular properties. The small size of the sensor is designed for the larger economy, says Vigdor.

Original manufacturers have expressed interest in using the sensor to design home gas control devices, some of which are interested in combustible and even combustible materials, including gases such as carbon monoxide and radon. He said the devices could send a wireless signal with a special radio chip to detect gas leaks and then respond to an emergency command center.

The mini device monitors the temperature, pressure and humidity inside the sensor to take real-time environmental data and calculate gas emissions for 19 gases such as methane, hydrogen, propane and octane.

The mini does not require field measurements and has a lifespan of 10 years and more. Although Nevada calls the nano “low price,” pricing is not specified.

According to Vigador, other sensors on the market, such as the MPS Mini, do not have the ability to monitor more than a dozen gases or the same level, based on unobtrusive infrared technology and Pelster technologies.

Editor’s Note: Nevada Nano has been discussing the MPS Mini in the Bread 733 at the Sensors Converge in San Jose, California since Wednesday.


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