Nearly 40 jobs lost when Lincoln Gas Turbine Company collapsed

The Indoor Golf Center will open next month at Breford in Lincoln, providing sports, food and entertainment for everyone.

In fact, Golf will open on Monday, December 20, on the first floor at the Bfordford Warf next to Audit, and will start on Monday, December 6th.

Launched Monday, December 6, for internships described as “Best-in-Class Concepts” aimed at increasing access and inclusion in golf.

It will be located north of Costaford Warf between Costa and Zizi. | Photo: Almost golf

It will be the first of its kind in the city of Lincoln, with live sports TV, a modern-style bar and a menu with the main theme – golf.

The simulator allows good golfers and beginners to take part in some of the most popular courses in the world, as well as training from PGA professionals and people of all skill levels.

The technology provided by ForSite Sports provides accurate, safe and user-friendly golf experiences, and can help you turn off your swing and improve your game.

Opportunity to play some of the best courses on the planet without leaving Lincoln. | Photo: Almost golf

For a more fun and interactive experience with a variety of mini-games as well as simulators for regular golf.

Accessories and gift boxes from some of the UK’s largest suppliers and well-known brands are sold on the spot, offering the best current size for the golfer you know!

Not only about golf, but there is also a world-class menu of burgers and pizzas, vegetarian and vegan options and even snacks.

Fun for the whole family! | Photo: Almost golf

There is also a wide range of beverage options available, such as specialty coffee cocktails, Proseco trees and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

“Over the next few months, we will be busy finalizing our menu and working with simulators and hosting hosted children’s parties and events,” said Operations Director Ronnie Roberts. Event.

“We will not stop there and look forward to sharing new ideas soon. We welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Visit the Virtual Golf website for more information.

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