Navy Readiness – IWTC strengthens Virginia Beach fighter

Virginia Beach with information war training

Virginia Beach, V. – Over the past several months, the IWTC has put a lot of pressure on Virginia Beach to provide a brief overview of all new officers and enlisted teachers in the War Strengthening Program and in their classrooms. .

When asked about the fighter’s strength program, IWTC Virginia Beach Commander-in-Chief, CMD, his observations. James Brennan said, “Whether we are staff or students here at the school, our sailors and their safety is a priority. With so many new enrollment officers and junior enrollees coming through the school, it is important that we implement these programs to the best of our ability to cover these fighters’ minds and build a solid foundation before they report. On their first working visit to the ship. It is also important that we provide these same tools to our senior officers, enrolled staff, and students, as they serve as an opportunity for personal and professional development. We look forward to continuing to include this training in our future curriculum.

Beginning in 2018, the Navy began implementing the Navy Recruitment Strengthening Program (RTA) as part of its approach to the need to take care of the minds, bodies and souls of sailors as a means of carrying out tasks and managing stress.

Every sailor has learned the principles of a spiritual, behavioral approach to performance, including proven mental and physical techniques. Since then, the ship’s orders have been used to train sailors such as mental exercises, goal setting, self-talk, visualization, power management, balancing, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Leading the IWTC Virginia Coastal Application, Chief Intelligence Spencer Doine explained, “The Warrior Strength Program is a great tool that is getting better and stronger as the program grows. As an LCPO at the School of Intelligence Specialist “A”, the principles teach us how to make our students more patient and able to withstand naval challenges. Here at the IWTC Virginia beach, we started training all our course instructors, officers, and basic training on the program because many of our teachers did not listen to their program. Entrance pipes. As we move forward, we want to strengthen the students’ access to school equipment and better prepare them for the challenges and challenges they will face on board.

IWTC Virginia Beach currently offers 59 courses in information technology, cryptology, and intelligence from 278 military, civilian, and contract members who train 6,600 students annually at five training sites along Hampton Street. It is one of four schools for information war training (CIT) and operates learning centers in Jacksonville and Mayport, Florida. King Bay, Georgia; And Grotenon, Connecticut Information Warfare Community Training Line.

Across the United States and Japan, at four school orders, separation and training stations, CIWT trains approximately 26,000 students each year, providing trained information warfare personnel to the Navy and Joint Services. CIWT also offers more than 200 courses for cryptologic technicians, intelligence specialists, information systems technicians, electronics technicians and officers in the information warfare community.

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