Natural gas, wind, and coal contributed to Texas’s disruption, the report said

While some politicians are blaming renewable energy for a deadly power outage in February, a new report from two key agencies shows that natural gas is also a major factor.

The new Preliminary report Of the 1,045 generators that were disrupted, reduced, or failed, 604 were – or about 58 percent – natural gas units.

Natural gas was about 55 percent, with 22 percent wind and 18 percent coal.

But so is natural gas The largest electricity source in Texas, Produces more coal than coal, renewable and nuclear.

The quake killed more than 150 people and caused more damage than a BuzzFeed news analysis in May.

Following the interruption, Texas Gov Greg AbbottGreg Abbott’s Hill Morning Report – Presented by Alibaba – Biden fears for the cost of blood talks Newcomers to abortion providers and patients Matthew Makonguhi will sign privacy laws in the following political race. (R) Filed a claim The fault lies with the renewable ones.

“Our wind and sun are closed,” he told Fox News. “That put Texas in a state where there is no power at the national level. … Fossils only show the importance of fuel. ”

The new report is from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and North American Electricity Reliance Corporation (NERC) says some major issues are related to cooling problems and fuel supply issues.

For natural gas, the supply of oil is far higher than that of cold, with only 458 supply issues compared to refrigeration.

The agency also called on the government to take steps to withstand the cold heat. It is especially recommended that owners of power plants be consulted to protect them from cold weather.

He also said that these owners need to build new units and upgrade existing ones to enable them to work in harsh weather conditions and create a plan of action for generators that have a problem with stopping.

Recommendations 2011 Report Similarly, the two agencies, which say companies are “not adequately prepared for the winter,” are inadequate coverage and are unable to train operators and maintenance personnel on winter events.

Democrat Party (FCC) chairman Richard Glick said in a statement that the report should be taken seriously at this time.

“We cannot allow this to happen again. We need to take these recommendations seriously and take decisive action so that the masses do not collapse during the next severe weather, ”he said.

He added: “I will not allow this to be a report that will serve no purpose other than collecting dust on the shelves.”


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