Natural gas shortages can lead to higher bills, explaining how to limit the costs of a central energy supplier

York, Pa. (WHTM) – Natural gas consumers should expect to pay more for home heating as temperatures drop.

Because of a shortage of natural gas. One of the central reasons is that the economy is recovering from the epidemic, but production cannot meet demand.

The United States is also a major exporter of natural gas, so we export many of our supplies to the same shortage.

Laura Greenholt, vice president of sales at Shipli Energy, explains that it could mean higher consumption for natural gas users.

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“Focus on the fact that we can have a slightly higher rate this year than we did this year,” says Greenholt. “Production cannot light a single penny, so it takes some time to lighten some plants and produce, and there is a shortage of natural supply chain.

Many people are not happy about high-end bills like Theresa Preset in New York.

“We’ll have a sticker shock when and when it happens,” said Private. “We usually do not spend our time in extremes. So we hope it won’t be too bad for us. ”

Jeb Boyd of Harrisburg says he is not surprised to hear about the high prices. I’m not really surprised, it’s kind of happening. There is value in everything, ”said Boyd.

There are some things that people can do to reduce costs. Greenhouse suggests:

  • From variable consumption rates to fixed
  • Investing in energy efficiency in the home
  • Check if your provider offers payment plans to distribute additional costs
  • Lower your thermostat to less than two degrees

“Natural gas prices have risen today, but they could fall sharply on supply, demand, geopolitics, and whatever happens,” says Greenholt.

In the meantime, she wants customers to stay calm.

“Now it’s time to prepare, not panic. What we are seeing right now is just like everything else, ”said Greenholt.

The problem is affecting much of the world. Natural gas prices in the United States doubled a year ago, but more than five times in Europe and Asia.


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