Natural Gas Price Forecast – Natural gas markets continue to perform well

Natural gas markets have moved back and forth during Friday’s trading session as it looks like we are starting to lose steam. Meanwhile, the lower $ 5.50 level is expected to extend to the $ 5.00 level, which will be supported by the 50-day EMA as it approaches. We’ve seen a lot of waves over the last few months, but this time we’re asking, “Who’s going to buy now?” We have a question.

Natagas Video 18.10.21

If we take a break above $ 6.00, then we will go up to $ 6.50. The market certainly seems a little weak, but you can argue with the fact that we need to continue to see more demand than supply. Meanwhile, many people do not pay attention to the fact that this is “Henry Hub’s natural gas,” which is very unique to the United States. There are other natural gas contracts in places like the Netherlands, but they are much smaller. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. This is related to natural gas, it is a very local market, so you really have to be careful where you trade.

There has been a sharp decline in natural gas refineries over the past several months, and indeed this year we have had a major heat wave in the United States, which is a matter of time before supply is resumed. We are currently very tight in supply, markets have only doubled in the last few months. Momentum begins to decline. This does not mean, however, that I have to look at it briefly.

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