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The future of the United States’ natural gas futures has plummeted for the fourth time in a row, with the fast-moving bear market gaining momentum. The mood in the United States is very similar. 2018/19 The so-called ‘widow’ spreads rapidly and then rapidly, causing at least one business to explode incorrectly. There has been a boom in trade between the European Union and the United States of America. Significant changes in US weather forecasting have killed some of the world’s largest traders, mainly due to the proliferation of so-called ‘widow’. Distribution between March and April rose from $ 1.90 million British units to $ 1.90 when traders traded on solid goods in early October. It is now down to 23 cents.

There is a reason why this booming business is called the Widow Creator because of its climate-related variability.

Dennis Kisler, senior vice president of Bock Financial Security, told Bloomberg:

So when the U.S. gas reserves match the average, there is a turbulent energy market in the Atlantic Ocean. EU gas reserves are below trend, and long-term US gas traders and EU gas shortages have breathed a sigh of relief this fall.

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But the expansion of the “Widow Creator” may be a challenge for that title …

In October, there were high commodity tables. Monkey hammer Wrong trade margin (or arbitration trade) in the margins of the US and EU markets. Glencore, Gunver, Trafigura and Vitol are among the stores that face off. Huge margin calls They misrepresented their trade.

Despite the related OPEC + decision, Goldman remains a bully in oil

For years, the prices of the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) have been trading in the well-defined region. However, this year an anomaly as a power crisis and Cold weather The Netherlands exported about ዩ 100 megawatts of gas a month ago, according to EU standards. By comparison, US natgas fell on the bear market Warm weather And adequate supplies.

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The expansion of the window maker is not limited to extremes. Below you can see the distribution of gas between the EU and the US in the face of severe energy crisis and cold weather.


La Nina weather has changed the climate globally in some regions, and some of the medium to long fences have been fenced off.

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