National Lottery, plus-O-Classes Glasgow, Money-and Skills-for Power |

Increasing funding for community climate projects, including power generation and savings, as well as training for Scotland’s next generation of energy technicians have emerged from two different sources.

Across the UK, the National Lottery today invites energy partners and volunteers to “enter, win,” to compete for the new ሚሊዮን 2.5 million.

It provides joint financial support to our planet, which is part of the Lottery Community Fund 10,000 10,000 for projects that deal with carbon emissions in areas such as energy, food, transportation, waste, consumption and nature.

Applications open September 1 November 18 after the COP26 Climate Summit closes in Glasgow. The long-term climate action fund is community-focused.

“If you are unsure of how to take action on this program, we are eager to reach out to those who have not,” said Nick Garder, head of the Lottery Community Fund Climate Action.

North of the border, a successful Scottish entrepreneur’s charity is focused on expanding technical education for energy specialists and professionals.

Mark Glasgow, owner of Edinburgh Boiler Company, has announced plans to invest ሚሊዮን 3 million in new training centers to address skills shortages in the green heating and energy sectors.

The centers offer courses in pure technologies, Glasgow said, for both engineers who want to learn new skills and enter the expansion industry.

The first Energy Training Academy will open in Edinburgh in November. It is followed by regional centers in Scotland, including in the northeast.

“The current shortage of skills is a serious concern,” Glasgow said.

This is a vision I have seen for some time, and given the speed at which our industry is evolving into sustainable heating technologies, I feel now is the time to move forward with my plans.

Last month, the commercial heat pump association Britain needed more than 50,000 new whiskey to qualify for the decade, out of the current 3,200 professionals.

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