National grid by completing natural gas prices in the volatile market

Waterton – There are indications that those who heat their homes with natural gas will pay more for that source in the coming winter. But it is still in the air.

Electric and gas utility National Grid is finalizing price estimates after reviewing the market. Final numbers are expected in early October.

“We know what is in the store and we have an idea to buy in the market, but we are predicting costs,” said National Grid spokesman Yared Paventti on Thursday. Forecasts are still being developed by our pricing teams. Those should be discussed at the beginning of October. ”

The American Gas Association publishes “Natural Gas Market Indicators” in the middle and at the end of each month. September 15, “Over the past two weeks, gas supplies have been hit by low production levels and high demand for refrigeration, which has led to a relatively low supply of natural needles to natural gas storage.”

High prices are now causing concern in Europe.

“The natural gas supply competition has recorded natural gas prices in Asia and Europe,” the AGAA reported in a press release.

But in recent days there have been some signs of relief. According to Reuters on Wednesday, US natural gas futures are down 7% following a seven-year high. The fall is expected to bring US stocks back to normal levels in the coming weeks, Reuters reported.

If sources such as the old farmer Almanak are trusted, we need to be prepared for the “holiday season.”

“This winter is the coldest in most of the United States, with temperatures below average,” says the article.

More scientifically, the National Weather Service’s Climate Forecast Center released for November, December and January 16 says most countries, including New York, have a “up-to-date” temperature of up to 50%.

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