Nata Institute in Coriography

The Naya Institute, under the auspices of Madu Nataraj, has redesigned its courses for online education

As a participant in a dance rehearsal program at the New Delhi American Arts Festival, Madhu Natraj was asked to show his fingers in a variety of ways. Impressed by the young girl’s impact, the counselor said, “If your thumb is used to describe three joints, think of the unlimited range of movements and movements you can create using all the muscles and joints. This is the power of dance. ”For someone who did not want to pursue a professional dance, these words had a profound effect on her, and she found Mado called in the performing arts.

The daughter of renowned Katak dancer and musician Maya Rao left the classroom and completed a concert to dance to her dance, eventually becoming the head of the Nata Katak and Chorography Institute, which her mother started with Kamaldivi Chattopadhai. In 1964, Delhi was relocated to Bengalguur on the orders of the late Karnataka Prime Minister Ramakrishna Hegde. Later, Madu launched the STEM (Space, Time, Energy, Motion) Dance Campni to focus on contemporary music. I combined martial arts and yoga with Katata. A.D. After completing my first job in 1995, I always work with other subjects, such as sculpture, painting, and theater, to provide a healthy experience for the audience.

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Structured courses

Nata Institute introduces students to choreography beauty through some specially designed courses. Due to the epidemic, the courses are online and cover a wide range of subjects including Indian beauty and art history, Natashastra and choreography history, movement analysis, cultural anthropology, stage lighting, collection design, costumes and more. “The goal is to develop a holistic view,” Madu said.

“We had to reorganize the courses to teach online. We started two new courses – a diploma in crayography and a diploma in skill – certified by Joox and Jane University. Designed as a counseling program, 12 students from around the world were selected and trained for one year. The first group of students is about to graduate, ”Madu said.

In May 2020, Dr. Maya Rao Katak and the Choriography Conference began. “It was done in practice. Instead of 400 people in attendance, we had about 30,000 views. This is the destination of the digital platform, but we must be careful not to undermine it. The biggest challenge since the outbreak began was to support ourselves financially.

The institute currently operates in three areas – creating new contemporary jobs, training young dancers, and reaching out to rural areas through the arts. “Last year we raised funds to support more than 100 cultural artists,” Madu said.

When a dancer tries to return to the dance floor, she says she will never forget her mother’s words. “Ask yourself if you can afford creative success over money,” she said. If so, go ahead and fulfill your dreams.

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