nanoMesh ™ LLC (Exogenesis Corporation subsidiary) announces the establishment of a Medical Advisory Board

Billiards, Mass. And Jacksonville, Fla., August 17, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Nano Meshes LLC, a subsidiary of Exogenesis Corporation, has announced the establishment of a medical consulting board for the Nanomesh ™ product line. Applied nanoMesh of abdominal wall hernias and abdominal wall defects that require reinforcement to achieve the desired surgical result. nanoMesh ይገኛል Available for trade in the US[1]. Nano Mesh Ac has a unique nanometer-level surface area through the application of accelerated independent atomic radiation (ANB) technology.[2] During production.

Join the nanoMesh ™ Medical Advisory Board

David Erley, MDA, (MA) Facts – Chairman Dr. Arle, Director of the New England Hernia Center – Associate Professor of Surgery at Tuff University Medical School, Earned a bachelor’s degree in geology Arizona State University A.D. In 1986 and his doctorate from University of Arizona In 1990, he underwent general surgery in The New York State University (SUNY) at the Brooklyn Health Science Center A.D. In 1995, and joint training with the Institute for Low Invasive Surgery New York Medical College In Westchester County, New York In 1997. He was later hired as the head of a small invasive surgery SUNY, And was later employed at Baystate Medical Center Springfield, MA In 1998, he became the director of small invasive surgery. In 17 years Springfield, Dr. Arle founded a small invasive surgical association, was the director of the Isophageal Physiology Laboratory, and served on the board of the Bastate Medical Education and Research Foundation. Approximately 90% of Dr. Arle’s work focused on the maintenance of Ribia, and as a source of referral, he was active nationally and internationally in research, instrument development, and clinical care. Northeastern United States. Dr. Arle has served in a variety of roles in the United States, including former chair of the American Surgical Society of Gastrointestinal and Endoscopy Surgeons (SAGES) Community Guidelines Committee. He was a longtime member of the American College of Surgery, a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgeons, and a member of the Massachusetts Medical Association. He has participated in hundreds of scientific and clinical journals, scientific conference presentations, invited lectures, and faculty from surgeons’ courses around the world. He has written more than a dozen chapters in the field of minor invasive surgery and hernia repair, and recently published his own textbook on natural orifice surgery.

Carl Andrew LeBlak, MD (LA): Carl A. to the bank, MD. He received his medical degree from Elsu Medical School in Shreveport, where he completed his internship and residency in general surgery. In addition, the Business Administration Master’s from L.S.. He is certified by the General Surgery Board and is a member of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Association for Metabolic and Slavic Surgery (ASMS). He is a member of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (SSS), American Gastrointestinal Surgery and Endoscopy Surgeons Association (SAGES), and is a founding member of the American Heritage Association (AHS) and one of its past presidents. He is a master surgeon for laparoscopic surgery and has been involved in minor invasive and laparoscopic surgery since its inception. He served as the union’s director of operations from 2004-2020, having acquired the smallest invasion operation in Baton Rouge. Dr. LeBlak has written eight textbooks on invasive, robotic, and psychiatric surgery, and has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical literature. Dr. LeBlank specializes in tumor and abdominal wall reconstruction surgery. He has a special interest in surgery for weight loss, gastrointestinal reflux and foregut disease.

Yuri William Novitsky, MD. , Director, General Hernia Center, Columbia University Medical Center (New York) Dr. Novitsky is world-renowned for his knowledge of advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery as well as complex mechanical and ventral hernia repairs. Determined to improve the outcomes of millions of patients undergoing hernia surgery each year, he focused on developing surgical procedures and improving tissue responses to the surgical network. It is probably best known for its minimally invasive ventral hernia repair and open abdominal wall reconstruction techniques; A.D. The procedure, first described in 2006, is called transversus abdominis muscle release (TAR). After publishing the results for three years in 2009, it gained worldwide recognition. His current national leadership roles include chair of the Operations Advisory Committee, the American Hernia Association. ; Member of the Board of Directors of the American Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Surgeons (SAGES); SAGES Hernia Task Force Value Analysis Initiative, American Hernias Board of Governors, and more. Dr. Novitsky holds a medical degree in Albany Sinai Medical Center General Surgical College and Completed Residences and University of Massachusetts, Worcester, Followed by a minor invasive surgery b University of Massachusetts And Carolina Medical Center. He was in charge of laparoscopic surgery for four years University of Connecticut Before moving to a health center Cleveland 2011

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About nanoMesh ™
Exogenesis Hernia Mesh (“nanoMesh ™”) is a proprietary plant maintenance product developed by nanoMesh ™ LLC. Featured with accelerated neutral atom beam (ANB) technology, monophilic polypropylene (PP) and surface nanomesh ነው is the first hernia repair device with floor nano-modification. Applied to repair defects in the abdominal wall, including nanoMesh in. nanoMesh trans is not recommended for transvaginal pelvic organ prolapse repair.

About Accelerated Independent Atomic Energy (“ANAB”) Technology
Accelerated Independent Atomic Radiation (ANAB) is a low-intensity accelerated particle commercially used as a nano-scale surface enhancement technology. ANAB is created by accelerating the very low-velocity neutral argon (R) atoms floating on the material surface, adjusting it to a depth of 2-3 nm. This is a non-invasive technology that changes the appearance, structure and energy of the surface. Medical implants treated with ANAB technology were recently certified by the FDA 510 (k) in the spinal fusion device (IBD).

About Hernia Repair Market
Global Hernia Repair Market[3] He predicts it will happen $ 5.8b 2026. Hernias usually occur on the abdominal wall and are generally seen as an external swelling when stretched or lowered. It has a profound effect on people, causing great pain and discomfort. Age, pregnancy, obesity, muscle tension and surgery increase the risk of hepatitis. Since the late 19th century, various construction surgical machines have been usedTh Century. In recent years, postoperative complications such as infection, fibrosis, adhesions, entanglement, and recurrent swelling have increased. Research focuses on the analysis and application of different materials and coatings, different fiber thickness and thickness, different manufacturing methods as well as surgical and implantation procedures. More recently, surface modification methods, as well as the development of nanofiber-based systems, are being explored as promising ways to enhance the combined biocompatibility.[4]

About Exogenesis
Headquarters b Billiards, Massachusetts, USA, Exxongenes is a private, construction-backed company that has developed proprietary technology to change and control surfaces without causing damage, cover or sub-floor damage. Exogenesis is promoting platform technology, nanoxel ™, accelerated independent atomic radiation (ANAB) and gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) technologies using nano level modulation and control technologies. The company’s proprietary technologies are used for surface editing and control in a wide range of biomedical, optical and semiconductor applications. For more information, please visit or contact us [email protected].

[1] Exogenesis Hernia Mesh FDA 510 (k) has received pre-market approval September 26, 2019

[2] Protected and issued under patent and pending.

[3] Reports-and-data.html

[4] Surgery: Past, Present and Future: Review ”- Membranes (Basel). 2017 September; 7 (3) 47.



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