Mumbai Metropolitan Region – CNG 2.97 rubles per kg, pipeline 1.26 rubles per unit | Mumbai News – Indian Times

Mumbai: The price of compressed natural gas (CNG) will increase by 2.97 rubles per kilogram, including taxes, and the price of piped gas will increase by 1.26 rubles per unit from Thursday.

For the two oil categories, the second increase in a month, CNG rose by an unprecedented 5.56 rubles per kilogram and 3.53 rubles per liter in October.
Improved prices, including all CNG taxes in the Mumbai metropolitan area, will be 57.54 reais per kg, pipeline prices will increase by one unit (33.53 rubles) and one unit (board 2) 39.53 rubles.
This year will be the fourth increase for consumers in the city, Tane, Kalyan, Vasai-Virar and Navi Mumbai. For CNG, this year’s total increase was 9.64 rubles per kg.
Earlier in February, the price of CNG increased by 1.50 rubles per kilogram, while domestic PNG increased by 95 pes per unit. Then, on July 13, the price of CNG increased by 2.58 rubles per kilogram and cooking oil by 55 pes per unit. On October 4, the departure for CNG was 2.59 kg per kilogram and for cooking gas, 2.27 rubles per unit.
Mahanagar Gas Limited spokeswoman Nera Astana-Fot said, “The price of domestically produced natural gas has increased by 62% since October 1. This combination has resulted in a significant increase in the price of gas purchased by MGL. As a customer-focused company, MGL always strives to maintain price stability for CNG and domestic PNG customers. However, because gas prices are so high, MGL has decided to gradually recover from such gas increases. As a result, the company is limited to further increasing the basic prices of CNG and pipeline gas.
CNG vehicle numbers have now reached eight million in the Mumbai region. With the growing number of CNG cars and other vehicles, MGL plans to increase its CNG distributions from 272 to 372 in the coming months.
Car companies have also increased production of CNG vehicles this year, with at least three million new cars produced by two leading companies in 2021-22.
An MGL official said: “Following the new hike, CNG continues to offer attractive savings of between 64% and 43% compared to current prices in Mumbai. It also offers 33% savings compared to the current price of domestic LPG when it offers comfort, safety, reliability and environmental friendliness to our domestic pipeline.
MGL officials say there were more than seven million households in the MR.


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