MSU launches online natural resource degree programs

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An MSU student studies on a laptop laptop near Thompson Hall, Mississippi State College of Forest Resources. The college now offers online degree options for each of the three departments. (Photo by Megan Bean)

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Two departments at Mississippi State Forest Resources College are adding new online master’s degrees and are now offering online degree options in all three departments.

Students can earn a master’s degree in sustainable biology or wildlife, fish and fish education. These new offerings are in addition to the current Forest Masters at MSU Distance Learning Center, which has been graduating students for more than a decade. The college has trained dozens of students in online forest development master’s degrees in forest management, natural resource policy, and law and forest economics.

Weas Berger, interim dean of the College of Forest Resources and an interim director of the Center for Forest and Wildlife Research, said many of these types of students could benefit from such online programs.

“I believe the diversity of our online offerings is one of the biggest assets of our programs. An imaginary classroom can benefit a middle-aged person who is unable to complete high school or who wants to spend more time with their family while securing the future. Our distance-based degree offers lifelong learning opportunities for everyone, ”said Berger.

Amber Barrow is pursuing a master’s degree online while working full-time. For the past several decades, he has been an environmental educator at the Charlie Eliot Wildlife Sanctuary in Georgia, Elia, Mansfield, Georgia. After graduating from Berry College with a degree in biology, he was a wildlife interpreter specialist and assistant coordinator at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

I wanted to grow in my role, and I felt that the best way was to get an advanced degree in environmental education. I love my job and I don’t want to give up developing my skills, so MSU was a perfect fit online, ”Barrow said. As a Mississippi state leader, he is constantly giving me the skills I need to become more confident as a local educator.

Barrow graduated in December 2022 and will continue to work for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

He followed a more traditional track with Allison du Redu, as well as seeking a master’s degree online. A native of Marietta, Georgia, he earned his bachelor’s degree in MSU from wildlife, fish and fish farming in 2020. Although she was busy, Kovi changed her plans.

I was very upset when my job was canceled due to the epidemic, but Dr. Leslie Berger told me about a Mississippi State Online Safety Master’s degree. Now I am back home with my family, enjoying the benefits of being a bulldozer. ”

In addition to pursuing a master’s degree, they are already practicing vocational training in volleyball.

An online degree in Mississippi State taught me a lot about self-confidence. In my teaching, I was determined to encourage and motivate wildlife and volleyball. The online program is perfect for me, and I am very grateful, ”Purdue said.

It is a non-30-hour science program designed to help students master and apply forest products and other bio-based building materials throughout their life history. The courses create a link between chemical, physical, plant, and engineering sciences as they promote the use of renewable resources responsibly through the development, innovation and improvement of wood products, materials and energy.

The Master’s Degree in Security Education is a 30-hour non-academic program designed to provide agency-ready security educators with a role in promoting environmental awareness and stewardship among citizens. The main focus areas of the curriculum are the development, evaluation and management of the curriculum.

These new offerings join a 30-hour, thesis-alternative program for science teachers in the forest. The program highlights forest management, natural resource policy and law and the forest economy, and opens doors in areas such as forestry, conservation science, environmental science and even wildlife biology.

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