More women taking vocational education compared to men – government report

The number of women enrolling in art courses has increased compared to their male counterparts.

According to the Economic Survey 2021 report, 54 percent, or 30,290, of the 56,455 government-sponsored women placed in middle colleges in Kenya by universities and colleges (KUCCPS).

Female students 57% of the 31,712 students enrolled in universities and TVET institutions choose certification courses.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Secretary Margaret Mwakima addresses the former.


In 2021, there were 3,477 female students enrolled in art courses and 2,965 males enrolled in similar courses.

The government’s growth is due to an increase in demand for artisans, leading to vocational courses. He pointed out that many companies in various fields are looking for people with intermediate skills such as diplomas and handicrafts.

For example, a survey by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare found that 40 percent of workers in the energy sector were technicians, and that the need for diploma holders was growing.

The demand for middle-class people has grown globally. Most countries lost much of their workforce at the beginning of the cholera epidemic.

As a result, many foreign countries have resorted to overseas qualifications and requirements for importing professional labor.

In January 2021, Kenya and the United Kingdom (UK) signed an agreement to apply for licenses for highly qualified post-Brexit Kenyans. The UK’s new immigration system has reduced the number of applicants to a lower grade level or equivalent.

Relaxed visa laws allow Kenyan professionals to compete in areas such as IT, accounting, plumbing and electrical work.

On September 6, US Mandhu Governor Jackson Mandago announced that 51 students would join the University of Tamper in Finland to study science.

County Communications Director Silas Tarus said Kenyans K.C. He added that the program is the first of many, and that the county has signed agreements to send technical students abroad.

The flag was hoisted by the United States Governor Jackson Mandago, Finland's Tamper University on Monday, September 6.

The flag was hoisted by the United States Governor Jackson Mandago, Finland’s Tamper University on Monday, September 6.


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