More than 50,000 students enrolled in the SUNY-ESF Solar Course

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The online SUNY-ESF class on solar energy has 29 times the total number of students enrolled in the school, reaching students around the world.

ESF Professor Neil Abram teaches Solar Energy Basics online course. With the launch of the workshop in person, not on credit, growing interest has led ESF to run the course online.

“As the sun goes down,” says Abram, “we have a desire to reach our potential.”

Now, Abram is teaching more than 51,000 students in an asynchronous class, many from different parts of the world.


“He seems to be a bit more efficient because he knows someone he knows,” says Abram.

Abram’s course, the first in a three-part series, explores the general view of solar energy. The themes in the curriculum range from voltaic cells to the current solar market. Students who pass the course will receive a certificate that will be used to earn a higher salary in their current job or to explore a whole new job market.

Maya Gooseman | Design Editor

The inconsistent model makes the lesson accessible to students because it does not work on their curriculum, which has a negative side to the physical workshop.

Most of those enrolled in the course have full-time jobs, he says.

“It is very difficult for someone to take four days off from work, for example, to come to this workshop,” he said.


Despite the challenges of disproportionate education, he said the obvious advantage is the ability to reach such a large number of students.

All over the world, there are huge forums for students from all walks of life to come and ask questions about the course, and for someone to jump in and give directions from there, ”said Stephen.

Abram’s teaching not only provided additional insights into the subject of interest but also served as a stimulus to move forward.

According to Abram, the course is popular with people between the ages of 18 and 24 – 40% of them. According to an ESF press release, it is now in the top 10 of the SUNY courses on the course.

“It is very important to provide educational opportunities for everyone,” says Stephen.

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