More than $ 10,000 was raised at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association charity game

Cadiz: The Ohio Oil and Gas Association has raised more than $ 10,000 for the Central Ohio Food Bank during its annual charity event.

For the past few years, the association has organized charities around the Ohio Valley to benefit various organizations. This year, the event “Volley to the Valley” It was a volleyball game at Cadiz Sally Buffalo Park. A.D. In 2019, a softball game was held in Belmont County. Last year there was a football game in Jefferson County.

Mike Chadsi, public relations director of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, said members have raised more than $ 50,000 for local charities since the start of the annual event. The money has previously been donated to the book program and the Appalachian Foundation for local county emergency management agencies to combat COVID-19. This year, the money will be donated to the Central Ohio Food Bank to help fight food insecurity in local warehouses.

“This was our third annual game. … We know that our company and its members have assets in different districts, so we will move on. Everyone likes to play different games, so we change it every year. The game is just a way to raise money for charities, and we have fun doing it. ” he said.

Chadse said he has raised more than $ 10,000 for this year’s event, adding that the association will cover all expenses. He said the money raised during the event will go directly to the Central Ohio Food Bank.

The sponsors and / or participants are members of the association from Ascent Resources, MPLX, Williams, Equity Ministries, Antero Resources, Southwest Energy, Dominion, EKT, Seneca Resources, Duplicate Energy Corporation, Red Hill Development, Utility Pipeline and Artex Oil. They are included.

Chadsi said the event is another way for the organization to reach out to local communities.

“We are very proud to be a part of the community that donates not only their time and energy but also their resources to be part of the communities we work in every year, and today’s (Friday) donations and efforts are another great example. That mission, ”‘ he said.

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