Moolenaar’s account will stop elected officials from receiving epidemic recovery money as a bonus

The law, introduced last week by US Representative John Mulenar (RMI), barred elected officials from being qualified as employees of the Coronavirus State Fiscal Rehabilitation Fund.

In particular, HR 4968 prohibits the appointment of selected government officials who are eligible to receive premium payments under the Presidential Summary. Mulenar’s office.

“I am introducing a law that protects taxpayers and prevents what happened in Shiwasse County from happening anywhere in the country,” said Representative Mulenar on August 5.

The Shiwasse County (Mitch) Board of Governors has voted to pay $ 5,000 to $ 25,000 in bonuses from President Joe Biden as part of the $ 2 trillion Coronary State Fiscal Recovery Fund.

“Republicans have argued for a way to help our country fight COVID-19. Democrats in Congress, however, insist that those communities, whether they want the money or not, send $ 350 billion to states and communities. “It’s a mistake, and in the coming days I will work to resolve this issue with the law and protect taxpayers.”

Last week, congressional Democrats passed a state-of-the-art fiscal rehabilitation fund in the state of Coronavirus, saying local officials should have included rules to stop spending money from the recovery fund.

“My laws apply those laws and will prevent such a thing from happening across the country,” he said.

HR 4968 has been reviewed by the US House Monitoring and Reform Committee.

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