Monster Energy Racing -Riley Herbst Charlotte Roval NXS Advance

You were on your way to Taddega last weekend to clear up your good points deficit, but an unfortunate, late race accident took you out of the race. Talk about that competition and what to do this weekend at Roval.

“We have to win. Ordinary and simple. You can’t guarantee that the people in front of you will be confused, so you have to enter this final race with your eyes on the prize. Vegas and Talladega were both heartbeats. In Vegas, you never want to mess up your home track, but especially when you have such a big tire race. Then, in Talladega, we were standing in front of it. We had ammunition to win that race and we were in danger of being saved. The intestines are like a fist. But we know what to do. It will not end until it is finished. ”

The No. 98 Monster Energy Team has had some success in road courses this year and in the past. What does it mean to have your first victory over Charlotte Roval?

Whatever the track, your first win is unique, but it would be great to get it in Charlotte and lock us in the 8th round. The No. 98 Monster Energy Team has worked hard this year, so our goal is to win one before the end of the season. This team has been strong against Roval in the past, and I have had some success in leading the ladder and running face to face, so we hope to do it all together and end up on the winning line on Saturday.

What are your goals for this weekend and the rest of the season?

Our goal is to keep moving forward in the NASCAR Playoffs, but we want to grow as a team. We are still here this season and I am very happy to be able to continue this journey next year. I want to win before the end of the year, but no matter what, I am proud of this team and all we can do and do. ”



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