Monster Energy Liam Pace wins gold at Men’s Skateboard Park on XXXXXXXXX Games

Monster Energy Liam Pace wins gold at Men’s Skateboard Park on XXXXXXXXX Games

He is not real, he really feels like a dream. – Lim Pass

Monster Energy Liam Pace wins gold at Men’s Skateboard Park on XXXXXXXXX Games

  • Skateboard and BMX events compete in Vista at Modern California Training Institute (CA | TF)
  • X Games Rookie and Monster Army Rider Liam Pace fake victory in men’s skateboard
  • Mamie Tezuka, a 19-year-old from Japan, won silver at the Women’s Skateboard Park
  • BMX Road Wraps with Felix Prangenberg Silver, Alex Donachi Bronze

The medal winner race continues! Monster Energy will delight the team of skateboarders and BMX athletes with its strong performance in the 2021 X Games 2021. At the Park and Road events in Vista, California at the California Training Institute (AAAF), Monster riders won four playoffs, including an X Games gold medal, two silver and one bronze medal.

In the men’s skateboard park final, 20-year-old monster rider and X Games rookie Liam Pace won gold medals in Tucson, Arizona. On XXXXXXXXXXX, Monster Energy won 17 total medals (6 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze) at the BMX, Moto X and Skateboard events .

In response to the cholera epidemic, X Games 2021 competed as public events at three specialized athletics training centers throughout Southern California. On the third day of the 2021 X Games, some of the world’s best skiers and BMXs expanded their sport at the California High School of Technology (CA | TF) in Vista.

Medal events on the day included Skateboard Park, Verte and Vertex Best Trick and BMX Avenue. In all courses designed by California Scateparx, the experts behind the X Games Competition, CA | TF provides a perfect backdrop for historical performance.

Here’s what happened to Monster Energy Drivers at the California Training Institute (CA | TF) on “XXXXXXXXX” Games:

Men’s Skateboard Park – X Games Rucky Liam Pace won the upset

After two days of outdoor BMX and Moto X action, X Games entered the men’s skateboard park final at the California Training Institute (CA | TF) on Friday. Owned by the California Scateparx team, the campus has a fully competitive concrete park filled with food corners, backyards, banks, video rooms and walkways.

In a busy 30-minute session, eight of the world’s best park skiers tried their best to win the race. Many riders knew the park, especially CA | TF serves as a training ground for Team American Olympic athletes.

Extensive CA | Another experienced rider with TF is the 20-year-old monster warrior Pace. The Arizona native has been training extensively on the campus and is ranked third in the U.S. Skateboard Citizens in 2019 and fourth in 2021. On Friday, when the time came to bring the heat to pass, the pass was ready.

Attacking CA’s fast-paced TF Park Indie 540 with a bank, a CAB back injury, a Smith back grind, and a deep nose run at the deep end, a 5-0 lead from the back of the net. , A grip on his arms, 180 ol ‘face in front of a volcano, weak on the edge of his forehead, a huge front wall basket to climb over the bank, and a pedestrian crossing that clears the entire tombstone. When all was said and done, the X-M beginner won the gold medal in a world-renowned victory at the ceremony.

“It’s not true, it really feels like a dream,” he said as he won X’s gold in the men’s skateboard park on Friday. Rather than the X Games Stadium event at CA | When asked about the competition on TF, Pass said, “It was more calm and stressful to meet hackers.”

Long Monster Army Rider, Pace in the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» In the XX, he recently completed his fourth consecutive field trip to Des Moines and finished fourth off the stage. Place. He currently resides in Ossetia, California and regularly trains in local concrete parks – and shows!

Women’s Skateboard Park Montster Energy Mami Tzuka claims silver in hot summer

As the event drew to a close at the Women’s Skateboard Park, the eight best female park riders in the world came up with their best techniques for a 30-minute jam session. In a respectful and friendly manner, the riders pushed the boundaries and created every corner of the park in a creative way.

At the end of the day, Tikuka, a newcomer to Japan’s Hikone Shiga, finished with a silver medal in several strengths. The 19-year-old bowls the volcano, the eggplant and Smith’s back into the deep end, with Indie air to the bank, Oli to the front tail, 5-0 to the spine and a long front air duct. In her last race, Tezuka lifted the lead in the gap from big vert extension to bank extension to secure second-place medal – behind the UK Sky Brown. first.

Tezuka may be new to the Monster team, but she has already confirmed that she will already be in the final of the 2019 Vans Park World Championships. She finished fourth off the stage at the Dew Tour de Moines 2021 in the Women’s Skating Park and is one of the future riders.

Wendy BMX Avenue – Monster Energy Felix Prangenberg Silver, Alex Donachi Bronze

Wendy BMX Road Completion brings eight world-leading freestyle BMX riders to a big day at the California Training Facility. In a 30-minute overhaul of the best runners, the finalists attacked a long, rectangular course that included several handrails, banks, wall trips, corners and euro space.

As the session progressed, 23-year-old Prangenberg won the silver medal from Rosebach, Germany. Highlights in many flawless races include up to 540 handrails, a 360 bar rotating faucet at the top of the quarter from the center section to the manual, nail grinding gap and the largest train to choose from.

Friday BMX Street Silver is the venue for Pragueberg’s second X Games after the X Games Shanghai 2019 Silver Medal. Also, make sure you see Prangenberg enter the real BMX 2021 video competition, the winners will be announced on July 17.

Alex Donachi, the son of BMX Wihez, joined Prangenberg in third place. Unaware of the competitions, Perthshire, 27, made history by becoming the first Scottish athlete to win a BMX road gold in the XX Games in Sydney 2018.

In CA | During the multi-layered finals on TF, Donachi posted a series of innovations, such as turning 180 trains into a manual, 360-degree grinding, and 180-pound grinding to win a bronze medal. Friday BMX Street Final ‘XXXXXXX’ Games’ XMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

One more day to go to X Games 2021! On Sunday, Skateboard Avenue ends with this year’s edition. Monster Energy Thrasher magazine ‘SOTY’ Ishod Wair will be the stage gun. Also, beware of Fabian and Delphino, 24, of Women’s Skateboard Street. Also, check out a video of Monster Energy Matt Berger on Real Street as X Games and Fans’ favorite is announced on ABC on July 18 next week.

Download high quality photos here.

Click here to watch video highlights from Day 3 Games.

X Games 2021 A comprehensive COVID-19 risk reduction protocol for participants and staff is available to the public. But even though there were no spectators or music performances, spectators from around the world witnessed the history of X games written by world experts in all three sports. More than 80 athletes from 11 countries will compete in a total of 43 medals in 17 medals.

In five action days, a total of 15.5 hours of contests will be streamed live on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, and the ESPN app. For the full adjustment program, visit the official X Games website. In addition, all contests will be broadcast live on @XGames digital and social media platforms, behind-the-scenes, athletic-oriented and related content.

Turning the experience around, Virtual X Festival will give fans the opportunity to win prizes, play games, and interact with X content. Fans can customize their own avatar, interactive skating and BMX lessons, complete missions in the new ‘status quo’ and interact with sponsors such as Monster Energy.

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