Monday’s Meme-stock action was all about renewable energy and tired smiles

Mem stocks follow their old style to start the week, and in “old design” we have a general idiom that includes refreshing and exhausting smiles.

Shares in GameStop GME,
+ 2.33%
Despite the negative news about the stock, the week began in the green. In addition to paying two merchants for GameStop and other meme shares, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has confirmed on Twitter that “The Big Short” investor: Gemsop Mega-Bull Michael Bury has been arrested by the SEC. As part of the investigation into the January Manic brief repression of the stock.

AMC Entertainment AMC,
The theater chain had a tough issue with “Monday” when it was due to start the week, possibly partly by Disney DIS.
+ 1.28%
CEO Bob Chapeck said publicly on Friday that his company will not be releasing theatrical releases alone after 2021.

The biggest recent trend for retail investors is playing in the short and always deep green energy reserves.

CLNE, a new energy collection company that is really enjoying the week so far this week.
+ 13.73%,
The shortest energy reserves closed 13.7% according to hypotheses, following the rise of 10,000% on social media on Monday.

After the bell was closed, Andrew J. Littlefair, CEO and President of Renewable Energy, a retailer, was interviewed and told reporters: “Ask me anything.”

Announcing the event last week, Littlefair took a page from AMC CEO “King Silververb” Adam Aaron from a figurative management book and posted it on a subdit for CLNE shares: “I really grew to admire this community. I have read many of your posts and obviously do your homework. ”

On the side of that pure energy formula was Canoo GOEV,
The EV maker gained the attention of retail investors during the week, with more than 38% shares between Wednesday and Friday, but fell to about 8% on Monday. In addition to retail investors starting to spread their interest in other EV shares such as Neo Neo,
+ 3.93%
And Nicola NKLA,
+ 2.49%,
The social media presence in Kano has increased by more than 1,000% a day. Most comments, however, include “call” options, references, and the stock has already “purchased”.

But why not end Monday with a smile?

Smile Live Club SDC,
+ 4.75%
It dropped by more than 12% last week to 4.75% after removing its chin.

When action against stocks resurfaced, and people complained about the investment they were looking forward to brushing their teeth at Zom meetings in their homes, a smile appeared on the faces of many. Spam has been widely criticized for quoting the board and artificially raising farmers’ prices.

This thesis is backed by a series of stunning smiles, with a series of surprisingly straightforward stocks pulling a bull’s eye for telecontinental clothing, now buying into stock or “absorbing fat.”

In both cases there is a Tuesday.


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