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By Jill Disney, CNN Business

World stocks and oil prices plummeted on Monday after a short break in the Omicron Coronavirus variance.

Shares in Asia-Pacific and Europe plummeted, Dow’s futures fell 1% and oil prices fell 2% as many countries reported differences and imposed new travel restrictions. Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel has warned that current vaccines will fight Ocamron.

“I think there is no other world. [the effectiveness] It is the same level. . . We were with. [the] Delta [variant]Bancella spoke in an interview with the Financial Times on Tuesday. “I think it will be a material drop. I do not know how much because we have to protect the information. But all the scientists I spoke to said, “This is not going to be good.”

South Korea’s Cossie was leading the region’s losses by 2.4 percent, while Japan’s Nikeki 225 was down 1.6 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Sing index fell 1.6 percent. Shanghai’s composition was flat. China’s economy gained good news on Tuesday, as its large factories showed signs of recovery. European indexes opened lower by 1%.

There is still much to be learned about the differences in omeprazole, but scientists are scrambling to find out how much it weighs, how much it transmits, and whether it is safe from existing vaccines.

The company said in a statement last week that it was “concerned” that the mutation in the Omicron variant was “relevant” and that “the company is working as soon as possible to address this difference.”

The world is in the grip of a “fragmentary pattern, of transparency.” [how] Worry or not, we have to be different about the new VV-19 Omicron, ”Jeffrey Haley, senior market analyst at Oanda Asia Pacific, wrote in a study note on Tuesday.

“What is leading the market now?” He said.

Japan on Tuesday confirmed its first Omicron replacement.

Last week, US stocks were sold out under the auspices of Omicron. But they look set to return to the Reds on Tuesday. Nasdaq’s future prospects slide 0.4%.

Haley added: “The fact that the markets have not fully recovered from Friday’s meltdown indicates that there is at least some caution.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is due to testify on Tuesday that the Omikron difference could jeopardize the recovery of the US economy. If the difference prolongs the epidemic, it could continue to increase prices, hurt employment growth and exacerbate the supply chain crisis.

Fuel prices have also plummeted on Friday, with fears of an increase in the number of people driving and flying. Both Brent Crude, international benchmark and West Texas Intermediate, US dollar, fell by about 2 percent to $ 72 and $ 69 per barrel.

– CNN’s Junko Ogura contributes to this report.

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