Modern homes are designed to be original

Modern homes are designed to be original

New technology, the rise of EVs to drive growth

Mr. Kusol said his company has developed an application that will support the skills of electricians during this digital transformation period.

With the advent of modern technologies and electric vehicles (EVs), home automation and energy management is expected to become major in the near future, said Schneider Electric, a power management and automation specialist.

Kusol Kusosong, vice president of cluster business at Schneider Electric Thailand, said: “Home automation will be acceptable in the future even in low-cost housing. “Such systems are now a feature of the Middle Ages and luxury properties.” Press release.

Home automation now focuses on electrical and lighting control and modern connected devices designed to increase comfort.

He said domestic automation will be expanded to power management in 5-10 years.

Energy management will become more and more important from time to time as consumers will need to charge their cars at home. Car fuel costs will be electric bills, ”said Mr. Kusol.

He said the change has already taken place in developed countries where energy management is a key consideration outside of electricity safety standards.

The real estate and construction market has been disrupted by the epidemic for the past 1-2 years, but the crisis offers new opportunities for home automation, Mr Kusol said.

He said that when people spend a lot of time at home doing distance work and online research, they use a lot of electricity at home and participate in home improvement.

“Home automation is one of the key markets, except for construction, grids, data centers and facilities,” Mr Kusol said.

According to him, electricians need to improve themselves with digital technology, especially the installation of home automation equipment, EV charging systems and monitoring systems.

Mr. Kusol said his company has developed an application that will support the skills of electricians in this digital transformation period.

Electricians can search for related training courses on the app, including home automation and EV payment.

The app can also serve as a channel for connecting devices to electrical workers.

The forum supports volunteer work by electricians to install electrical systems for temples, schools, and field hospitals in rural areas.

Through the app, electricians can scan QR codes on Schneider products they use to receive points that can be redeemed for product discounts or training courses.

According to Mr. Kusol, Schneider is also working with the Department of Electrical Development to conduct training courses for those who want to become professional electricians.

He said thousands of people graduate from the training programs each year.

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