Mitsubishi is investing in the Laos wind farm project, the largest in SE Asia

BCPG wind power tools in Nacon C. Miracle. The company will develop a wind farm in South Laos and join other companies. (BCPG photo)

Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation has invested in a giant wind farm project in Laos to supply electricity to Voss, the largest coastal wind farm in Southeast Asia.

In a recent press release, Mitsubishi said the 600-megawatt wind farm in Sekong and Atapeu provinces will be built by Hong Kong-based Imtech Energy Development Limited (IEAD), the country’s first. , Scheduled to begin in 2025.

Described as the region’s first cross-border power exchange, the Coastal Wind Farm project aims to combat climate change by supporting economic activity.

Vietnam needs more energy to sustain its growing economy, especially in the summer when wind turbines are expected to operate at high speeds and the availability of hydropower, one of the country’s main sources of energy, is limited, Mitsubishi said.

Although he did not specify the amount of investment, the Tokyo-based construction company, a Hong Kong-based subsidiary, has about 24% of the project, with the rest being owned by BCGP Public Company Limited and Earth Power Investment Limited, both Thai companies.

Mitsubishi said, “We will continue to contribute to the decarbonated community in Vietnam by providing stable electricity supply and solving environmental challenges.”

The move comes in July following a formal agreement between the ICC and Vietnam Power, the country’s largest energy company.

IEAD Chairman Paradai Suebma said in a statement to the BCPC:

Mitsubishi said the project is in line with a memorandum of understanding signed in October 2016 between the governments of Vietnam and Lao.

Japanese company It has set goals to achieve carbon neutrality in the service business by 2050 and to double the amount of energy from renewable energy by 2030, which will be completed by March 2031.

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