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By Carissa Miller

When Mitchell College opened its doors 150 years ago, it was small, attended by a local higher education institution.

Today, Michel Community College serves thousands of students on campuses in the county and in Morseville.

The campuses will continue to serve as an affordable post-secondary or technical school near their home. At present, however, there are many different career options, including three different degrees of information technology and a law program.

“We came here to make sure our students are ready to excel,” said Dr. Tim Breyer, president of Michel.

Mitchell offers a variety of technical training programs and two-year degrees to prepare students for today’s careers.

“Our technical certifications, diplomas and degrees train students from a modern, competitive staff. With short-term course work with our Department of Education, Michael can help you successfully or re-enter the workforce, ”said Brur.

Matching degrees, as well as transfer and career programs, will continue to be a part of Michel’s offerings.

He said our curriculum is aligned with four-year institutions to ensure that our students receive high-quality and transmissible education near their homes.

Here is an overview of some of Michel’s most popular career programs:


Michelle has a long history of training local nurses in the medical field. The college also plays an important role in providing qualified medical graduates for the county. Eighty to 85 percent of Eredale County nurses are trained in MIC.

Graduates work in many fields, including home health, industry, rehabilitation, long-term health care, emergency care, nursing homes and hospitals.

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a certified medical assistant through a medical support program.

Regardless of the student’s program, recent institutional improvements will help enhance the student learning experience on the Statesville campus. The nursing program has a new 40,000-square-foot health science facility that includes simulation labs, teaching facilities, and central faculty offices.

Associate Nurse Degree
• Cost for all courses – $ 9,500
• Duration of the program – 2 years
• Pass rate for regional exams: Average 95 to 96% pass rate on NCLEX-RN
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Excellent, RNS required
• Salary range – varies from hospital to hospital

Medical Assistance Program
• Cost – less than RN program
• Length of Program – Diploma Fall, Spring, and Outreach ends in June. Upon completion of the diploma, the student may sit for a test. The diploma program is CAAHEP accredited.

Associate degree is two years.
• Pass rate for state exams (if applicable) – 90 to 95 percent
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Excellent, in many cases there is a great need for medical assistants
• Start of payment range – $ 13 to $ 15 per hour
• Opportunities for Continuing Education – A student may be promoted to an associate’s degree with a diploma, and medical assistance.


If you are in need of emergency medical care, two key EMS professions are Emergency Medical Technicians (METs) and Medical Professionals. A potential MMT program prepares students for admission to pre-hospital care jobs.

Upon completion, a student must prepare for the North Carolina MAT examination.

EMT program
• Cost – $ 180 plus supplies (approximately $ 500)
• The duration of the program is 4 months
• Pass rate for regional exams – 90% pass rate
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Excellent, 6 percent growth is expected in NC
• Pay Range – The average annual salary for MTMs and paramedics in May 2020 was $ 36,650. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $ 24,650, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 62,150.

Paramedic program
This program provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and characteristics to provide advanced emergency medical care.
• Cost – $ 360 and supplies (approximately $ 1,200)
• The duration of the program is 18 months
• State Exams Rate – 100 percent in 2012, 100 percent in 2017, 100 percent (curriculum) in 2019, and 90 percent in 2021
• Professional Perspective in Iredale County – Excellent. ACC is expected to grow by 6 percent, with almost all Michel graduates employed by Iredale County EMS.
• Salary Range – The average annual salary for MTA and Paramedic in May 2020 was $ 36,650.

Fire protection

The Michel Basic Fire Protection Training Program provides the North Carolina Fire Safety Certificate with the NC Insurance Department, the International Fire Service Accreditation Council (IFSAC) and the National Fire Service Professional Qualifications for North Carolina fire risk certification.

• Cost – $ 450 total
• Duration of the program – 3 months
• 100% pass rate for regional exams
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Almost all new employees for Statesville and Moresville have attended the Michel Basic Fire Protection Program. In many cases, the departments pay their new employees to attend the verification program.
• Payroll: The average annual salary of firefighters was $ 52,500 in May 2020. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $ 26,940, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 93,790.
• Curriculum Degree Options – ACS In MCC, many opportunities to transfer continuing education loans to the curriculum.

Law enforcement

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is designed to provide the necessary skills as a state enforcement officer in collaboration with state, county and municipal governments, as well as the private sector. Applicants must be 20 years from the start of the last training day. Applicants must have completed high school or earned a GED before the first day of class. A tenth grade student must successfully pass the TABE test administered by a Michel Community College employee. Must have a valid NC driver’s license and be a US citizen. The first day of class must be available. No applicants will be included in the program if convicted or convicted. Or if you have been charged with any Class B offense or DWI in the past five years, if you are guilty or have pending charges.

• Cost – $ 680
• The duration of the program is 4 months
• 95% pass rate for state exams
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Police and investigators are expected to grow by 5 to 5 percent, faster than the average for all professions.
• Payroll: The average annual salary of police and investigators in May 2020 was $ 67,290. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $ 39,130 ​​and the highest 10 percent earned more than $ 113,860.
• Curriculum Degree Options – AAS at MCC; 20 credits are awarded to BLET.


Graduates of the Welding Technology Curriculum may work as an entry-level technician in the welding and metalworking industries. Professional opportunities are also available in construction, manufacturing, textile, sales, quality control, monitoring and welding.

Welding is a course offered in two options, such as a curriculum program or a continuing education program.
• Cost – $ 231.25 (Students must provide appropriate safety equipment; information provided in the first grade. This is in addition to the cost of the class).
• Program length – 16 weeks, total 96 hours
• Pass rate for regional exams – N / a
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Excellent
• Start of payment range – $ 15 to $ 18 per hour

Information Technology (IT)

Michel holds degrees in Information Technology (IT) in network, service and support and software development.

♦ Network – Multiple types, routers and bridges to connect to a specific IT degree computer to configure and configure network servers. This degree has components in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

♦ Service / support development – A general IT help desk degree that allows a student to set up a local company computers, fix some software problems, install software, and upgrade computers. This degree has advanced hardware support and components in Windows and Linux operating system management.

♦ Software development – A degree in computer software for business. Many programming languages ​​are in this category as well as in database sections. This degree allows a student to work as a computer programmer or software developer.

• Cost – $ 5,320 tuition for 70 credit hours ($ 76 per hour) and other fees for four semester classes. A total of $ 5,760.
• Professional Perspective in Iredale County – Excellent.
• Payroll: The average salary of IT support staff is $ 65,450, network support is $ 72,260, and computer programmers $ 89,190. This has an impact on experience and the environment. Mitchell graduates are expected to earn between $ 30 and $ 40 per hour in these technical degrees, and if they improve their skills, certifications, and experience, they will earn on average and above average.


Mitchell is one of two community colleges in the region that provides short-term training. The certification program introduces the profession of lawyer and the legal system. Topics include rules and concepts, ethics, case analysis, legal logic, job opportunities, certification, professional organizations, and other related topics. Prerequisite – Partner degree or higher.

• Cost – $ 180 plus books (about $ 200)
• The duration of the program is 4 months
• Pass rate for state exams – not specifically monitored but 100% based on feedback. Lawyers are not required to have the certificate in NC, so some do not take the test after class and are employed.
• Professional Perspective in Eredale County – Parallel employment growth in North Carolina is expected to be slightly higher than the national growth rate, with forecasts expected to be 17.3 percent growth in the state between 2016 and 2026. This is based on an estimated 157 works. New jobs are expected each year.
• Payment Area: $ 50,460 in Charlotte State.
• AAS since this fall.


Mitchell offers both diploma and certification programs. According to Mitchell’s HCAC teachers, HVC graduates are well-equipped for these entry-level facilities in the built-up industries. Daily responsibilities are residential and commercial HIV-loads, services, preventive maintenance, energy control and building automation.

Other tanks in the HVAC-R industry include HERS standards. Home Energy Rating System in the Federal Energy Star Program, which helps households and businesses manage energy use while saving polar bears.

As they begin to express their high-level problem solving skills and soft skills, students can easily get up to around $ 15 per hour and move easily over $ 20 per hour. With an average income of more than $ 40,000 a year, there are many opportunities, especially for a company van. Crafts and lifelong learning serve our students well in many industries.


Mitchell staff can help future or returning students find ways to make college more affordable.

The Financial Aid Team encourages future students to contact a financial aid counselor to find out about payment options, financial aid and scholarships to help you become a student.

The best place to start is first to begin the application process for Federal Student Aid, or FSA, for all financial aid and scholarships.

how much does it cost?

• Curriculum classes charge $ 76 (credit hours and fees and books / supplies). A state student expects to pay $ 1216 (additional fees and books) per semester for a full load. Full educational information is available at

• The cost of the next class is based on the subject. All costs are listed in the course descriptions in the curriculum. The Fall 2021 Schedule is available at

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