Mintra strengthens market placement with BVA partnership

Office Veritas Solutions Marine and beachfront have signed a partnership with digital learning provider Mintra to enhance access to their learning materials.

Through BVS eAcademy, BV Solutions M&O is bringing together a collection of 33 compliance and technical e-learning topics in the Mintra digital business space, marketplace with over 3300 potential customers.

The courses in the collection represent six training categories: Navy Architecture and Naval Engineering; Materials, welding and NDT; Class and legal surveys; Rules and regulations; Transportation; And cyber security.

Participants who complete the online course will be certified by BV Solutions M&O.

President Paul Sheriff, of BV Solutions M&O, said, “We are one of the leading training providers for the marine sector, and we have a collection of training courses and e-learning modules developed by experienced trainers. We are pleased to partner with Mintra, and look forward to adding our advanced technical knowledge and experience to complete the courses already offered.

“BV Solutions M&O’s partnership with Mintra makes sense for both companies – we have subject matter experts, and have many years of experience in developing digital education and delivering a large customer base. We look forward to working together to invest in training for the marine industry.

Torbridge Undem, manager of Mintra Trainingportal Marketplace, believes there is a high level of customer demand for BV Solutions M&O. In addition to being a well-known training provider, the company is also an innovative, collaborative solution provider providing technical consulting, asset management and certification solutions for marine and naval markets.

That shows, track record and knowledge make BV Solutions M&O an attractive partner for our market. We recognize that the company is the most trusted leader in the field. ”

“Our customers will see the name and automatically verify that the e-learning they buy is of the highest quality. Customers also know that BV Solutions M&O employs some of the industry’s leading subject matter experts and has applied extensive knowledge to the development of these learning modules. Customer-guaranteed courses are relevant and in accordance with current laws and regulations.

“Marketplace training content buyers and sellers continue to move from strength to strength, recognizing the benefits of this initiative. Headquartered in Mintra, the marketplace is fully agnostic and directly connects more than 3,600 customers using our training education and competency management system.

That number will increase to more than 13,000, taking into account the number of system administrators in our client home using the platform to identify, purchase and assign training on their platforms. The marketplace allows them to access more than 2,000 courses, and the entire process from procurement to course completion provides a one-stop solution.


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