Mintra received the LPI Gold Level Award for Training Courses

Mintra, a provider of marine education technology, has been awarded a gold standard by the Institute for Learning and Implementation (LPI). The company, which supports the training and qualification needs of maritime companies, has reached 100 percent of the eight key performance indicators audited by LPI.

Mintra has been accredited from the LPI for 11 years but this is the first time it has been highly rated gold. A.D. In 2019 and 2020, Mintra was ranked among the top 15 educational and technology providers in LPI.

Auditors say Mintra has shown corporate and individual interest in developing and expanding learning methods and using new technologies. Ed Monk, CEO of LPI, said: “Learning technology providers work in a highly competitive environment; They must ensure that their products are accessible, stable, high-performance, compliant, balanced and rich in reporting performance.

Recognition of the LPI by Gold Standard is a great achievement and puts Mintera at the forefront of technology as a supplier of technology and supports its continued commitment to quality of service and innovation. I have no hesitation in recommending Mintra to clients who need a specialized learning technology provider.

Accreditation Trainingportal, an employee management software OCS, which provides industry-level safety training for the energy sector. Out-of-shelf digital content and evolving content and development services were also tested.

The usefulness and responsiveness of Mintra learning platforms, as well as their functionality, integration, support and balance, has been found to be of the highest quality and most suitable for the target audience. Student self-study materials were developed and professional.

Content and learning solutions have been shown to feature features that have been of great benefit to the student’s experience, but the Ealing approach, which includes more than 230 titles, has been described as ‘innovative’. Auditors realized that eLearning’s design was effective, engaging, and professionally designed to meet the unique needs of the learning curve, and the training portal was a well-defined and media-rich student-led introduction and LMS platform.

Auditors reflect a strong consulting culture in the business, effective processes and placements provide consistency for all customer solutions. Advanced Customer Relationship Management is also recognized to ensure positive results.

Mintra Education and Development Director Janet Donalddson said the organization is incredibly proud of its gold standard. He added: “It is a testament to the work being done on the board at Mintra.

“In addition to auditing our technologies and content, auditors have explored other areas of our work, from human development to business. Achieving 100% of all KPIs in the eight test fields is an amazing performance.

“Mintra has a team of highly skilled, flexible people who are known for creating high quality and impactful learning solutions. They are among the best in the digital education business and this recognition – perhaps the highest in the industry – reinforces that.


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