Mintera sees strong demand for security and cyber security training – ShipInsight

Mintra, a digital education specialist, has won new contracts to provide safety-critical training courses for more than 3,000 international sailors. The announcement comes just weeks after the company launched its main offshore Eling Library, bringing the number of course titles from 107 to 238.

Contracts for seven new customers across Europe and Asia have been confirmed, including a company that operates oil and gas exploration vessels in the Red Sea and a training center for rescue workers.

The new library is part of Mintra’s integrated initiative to extend its footprint in the coastal sector, where it believes its technologies and solutions can lead to the digital transformation of the industry.

“There has been an incredibly positive response to the new and expanded Marine Elean libraries,” said Mintra Naval Team Leader Jorn LD. “These recent contract wins are a testament to our commitment to creating cost-effective, cost-effective solutions for our clients to create safe and competent employees. The Navy, along with Power, has always been a major customer base for Mintra, but over the past 12 months there has been a significant increase in demand from current and new shipping customers. They recognize that we have the knowledge and expertise we have gained by working with digital adult industries and can help digitalisation and operations move in the right direction.

The Marine Library, a partnership with employers and subject matter professionals, will provide a Mintra cloud-based learning management system through a training portal to address key training needs.

Trainingportal also comes in an offline version designed for continuous incoming and outgoing ships. This allows employees to access and take eLearning courses at any time, even when the Internet is not available.

One of the most popular courses purchased by a group of new customers is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training – a guide to increasing digital risk awareness and ship risk – to 2,200 sailors.

Following the new regulations requiring shipping companies to focus on cyber risk management, there is a strong focus on cyber security. The legislation, which came into force in January this year, is expected to be the first of many IMO-related guidelines.

LD adds: “It’s not just about providing our customers with digital solutions that will enable them to work more efficiently and sustainably in the future, but also training their people to find the knowledge they need for this new way. Working. ”

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